Pay Per Head Software give Bookies More Control

Pay Per Head Software gives Bookies More Control, There is a reason why our PPH service providers are on the top of Pay Per Head services in the sports bookmaking business. Excellent customer service would probably be at the top of the list, but a close second would have to be their state-of-the-art sports betting software.

They have spared no expense to remain at the top of their game when it comes to providing industry software that rivals anything the big online sportsbooks use to conduct their business. As an independent bookmaking agent, you can always remain confident that you are competing with these giants in the sports betting industry on a level playing field with one of this providers as your PPH service.

The real benefit of their Pay Per Head’s sports gaming software is the control it gives you as a bookmaking agent. On the backend of your own customized website, you will have quick and easy access to any number of reports that can drill down into the nuts and bolts of running your business in a profitable fashion. You can always gauge your potential exposure on a daily, weekly and monthly basis though player activity reports. Everything is tracked and recorded in real time, so there should never be any surprises on your end that you did not see coming.

Learn How Price Per Head Software gives Bookies More Control

With their  Software you will also have direct access to a number of ways to set-up and manage individual customer profiles. You can set credit and betting limits, monitor player activity and track any financial transactions that may have taken place throughout the course of the day. This type of account control is vital to your short-term cash flow position as well as to the long-term growth and profit picture across your entire customer base.

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All of our providers remain committed to constantly upgrading their technology and software packages to further maximize the value They bring to the table with their low and affordable per head fees for active customers.

The sports betting business is exciting enough without dealing you any unseen surprises. Account control and accurate activity reports are vital to helping you make any necessary adjustments to your betting lines to balance out any potential negative exposure. It is much harder to try and correct something after the fact and the backend information that is available as part of their extensive report selection can take most of the guess work out of any of the day-to-day business decisions that you need to make. Top