Sports Betting Site Costs for Bookies

Sports betting site costs for bookies will vary.

Key Points

– A great sports betting site is a must for a bookie.

– A sports betting site doesn’t have to cost all that much.

Sports Betting Site Costs for Bookies

If you want to become a bookie, there is no time like the present. One of the biggest holdups for many aspiring bookies is simply the cost of a sports betting site. 

The design is crucial if you want your sports betting site to leave a lasting impression. Design influences first impressions in 94% of cases. People will most likely recall your website’s design when they visit it. It’s crucial to remember that design encompasses many kinds of elements, such as color schemes, typography, and pictures.

In today’s era where technology has changed the sports betting industry, developing a sportsbook that appeals to bettors is easier than ever. The big key is that you don’t have to be a webmaster yourself to create the site. You just have to know who to hire. 

You will want to set aside some of your funds to create a professional sports betting site that brings in visitors. However, getting your sportsbook up and running probably costs a lot less than you think. 


Factors Affecting Website Cost

When building a sportsbook, there are numerous factors to take into account that could affect the cost. The needs of the business determine how much a website should cost, thus there is no defined benchmark. But you should take into account the following aspects.

The cost of developing your sports betting site will increase in direct proportion to how complicated you want its features to be. For instance, you must hire a developer with experience in that field or pay a premium if you want to integrate live betting, a racetrack, or an online casino that needs a gaming license. It will be far less expensive if you only want a website with a betting exchange and a feed of your odds from a bookmaker.

Choosing the features you want for your website is the first step in launching a betting site. You should also consider the types of bettors you want to attract. You would put your focus on NFL and NBA bettors, for example, if those are going to be your typical targets. 

Sports Betting Site Design Features

A company’s online presence is one of its most crucial characteristics in the competitive world of sports betting.You have to stand out if you want to be part of the future of gaming solutions. Sports bettors want to deal with trustworthy, reputable sportsbooks that cater to their needs. A flashy sports betting site is what brings them to the door. 

Studies have shown that three out of four people agree that website design is a key factor in determining a business’s credibility. Studies also show two out of three sports bettors have doubts about sportsbooks with subpar websites.

That is why it is crucial to have a top-notch sports bettings site.

Cost to Build a Sportsbook

It’s crucial to consider your goals for your sports betting site because how you design it can affect how much you spend. You could create a website that is more of a personal interest or hobby site. It would be inexpensive and simple to manage, but it wouldn’t bring in any money. Alternately, you may construct a website specifically for seasoned gamblers with the goal of making money.

There are essentially three ways to go about building your own sports betting site. The first two are the most costly. The first thing you can do is build it yourself. You will save money, but you will spend a great deal of time learning and creating your sports betting site.

Using programs like WordPress or Wix, anyone can create their own website. It takes time and it takes some learning on the part of the creator. You may also run into some roadblocks because the platform you use may not be equipped to run a gambling website.

You may not be able to include extras like casino games and a racebook. These systems may also lack security. As a result, you may have to spend more to safeguard your users’ personal information. 

Hire a Web Designer

You could simply hire a web designer and let them build your sports betting site. If you went this route, you would have to make sure that the service has experience creating betting websites. 

Creating a website for a sportsbook has some very unique features – online casino games and live betting, for example – that a web development company may have zero experience with. 

When hiring a web design company, you will run into the same problem you’ll have if you do it yourself. Getting your sports betting site up and running will take a long time.

Partner with a Pay Per Head Service

The absolute best and easiest route these days in setting up your own sports betting site is through partnering with a pay per head service. Pay per head (PPH) companies have been around since the 1990s and have been engaged in doing one thing – providing a turnkey solution for bookies.

Not only do PPH providers have experience setting up betting sites, they provide the sportsbook software to run it. It’s essentially a plug-and-play option for a bookie. Provide the pay per head company with the information they need and you can have your own sports betting site up and running in a matter of a day or two.

With a pay per head service, you don’t have to worry about things like web hosting. This is another cost for the bookie, but it is all part of a PPH’s services. Bookies get a professionally, custom designed website that allows bettors to set up accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, check lines and odds, and place bets. 

Bettors can choose from the widest selection of wagers in the industry. Ultimately, the bookie has the final say on what to offer, but the sky’s the limit with the right pay per head company. Bettors can engage in live betting as well as play online casino games, bet on horse, and more. 

The best part is the cost. For all that a pay per head service provides, the industry’s going rate is $10 per head, or per active bettor. Imagine running a sportsbook that has 15 bettors signed up to accounts. In a given week, 10 of those bettors place wagers. Your fee for that week would be 10 x $10 or $100. It’s that simple.