PPH Begginer

Are you ready to take your first steps into the sports betting world? Have you been thinking of becoming a bookie and getting your own cut from the millions and millions of dollars that are up for grabs each and every day in this industry? Even during the pandemic, the sportsbook world remains as one of the most profitable businesses in the planet, because of the many resources, the different types of players’ needs and the excitement that it brings to people from all over.

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to give this a try, this is the time for you! This is when you sit down with us and finally make this happen, because Price per Head is right here to help and give you the tools and support for you to become the best bookie you can be.

What are the Price per Head basics?

The Price per Head industry and operators like any of our great PPH serviec providers  have come to make things easy for you, to make owning a sportsbook affordable and possible for anyone in the world who wants to give it a go. This is the cheapest and easiest way for you to succeed in this business because they will help you lower your fixed costs to a minimum and maximize your profits in the most efficient way possible.

With us, your weekly operational costs will be of just a few hundred dollars a week, depending on the number of players you have. Let’s say you have a small package of 20 players, and 15 of them are active during the week; at a $10 per head fee, for example, you would be paying only $150 for the week, and that includes everything! Website performance, phone clerks and customer service staff, line movers, new markets, reporting… you name it, they have it!

In their company you will find some of the most experienced sportsbook personnel in the planet, ready to work for your brand and help you and your customers enjoy the most exciting, simple and secure online betting experience. All of the tools are designed to make sports betting easy and efficient, their software is the best in the industry and the platform is designed for the best mobile experience, for you, as a bookie, and for your players.

What does my PPH weekly fee include?

  • Sports betting website design and programming
  • Your very own toll-free number
  • State-of-the-art sports betting software
  • 100% mobile designed wagering platform, completely responsive
  • Sharpest line movers in the industry, ready to deal your lines and manage your risk
  • Minute-to-minute, live reporting tool
  • Wagering clerks and Customer Service representatives, 24/7
  • … and much more!