Pay Per Head

As an independent sport bookmaker, choosing the right Pay Per Head service to handle the administrative side of the business can often times mean the difference between long-term success verse a failed business venture.

Honesty is the Best Policy

All PPH services are not created equal with many of them springing up overnight to try and take advantage of the tremendous growth of the sports betting business in both the United States and around the world. our trusted providers have been working with sports bookmakers for close to 15 years and you do not stick around that long in such a competitive business environment without having a strong commitment to doing things the right way.

It all starts with an even stronger commitment to honesty and integrity

It all starts with an even stronger commitment to honesty and integrity in all of their business practices. Too many times companies in the sports betting industry rely on “bait and switch” tactics to attract bookmaking agents to their PPH services. You think you are signing up for one thing only to find that you are getting another. You also have to be leery about the fine print and possible hidden fees.

It is always in your best interest to do your due diligence when aligning your business with a PPH service and one of the first things you will find out our providers is that you get exactly what you see. their world class call center is staffed with industry experts that are there on a round the clock basis to help you every step of the way. They all have a vast amount experience taking action and they are well versed in handling an American customer base so communication will never be an issue with your individual customers.

advanced sports betting technology and state-of-the-art software

our providers back their customer service up with advanced sports betting technology and state-of-the-art software. While their operating system may be complex in design, the software is customizable to your specific business needs and easy to navigate for every end user. The most important aspect of the software is the fact that it is built with dozens of security measures that ensures that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure fashion.

From the moment you sign-up with one of them you will have a personal account manager take you step-by-step through the process of getting started. Once you are up and running, you will have full and immediate access to everything they have to offer. Best of all, this is all included in the low weekly per head fee you pay for your active customers.