Your True Advantage as a Sports Bookie

The use of pay per head software is the true advantage for the modern-day sports bookie. The strides made in the development of sportsbook software have transformed the industry. Bookies that are not using PPH are doing themselves a disservice. 

Key Points

– Advanced technology has been developed to help the path of the sports bookie.

– Pay per head software allows bookies to grow their business.

Sports Bookies Have One Job

Bookmakers have one fundamental responsibility, and it isn’t to make money. Of course, if you work as a bookmaker, your primary worry is your bottom line. Yes, you are in this industry to make money. 

However, there is a distinction between your primary responsibility and your primary focus. Your first and most important responsibility is to the client. There is no getting around this. Your client will be your top priority if you care at all about making money. 

Even when they lose, your clients will return to you if you put your attention on making them happy. If they value what you have to offer them, they will spread the word, and word-of-mouth is a bookie’s best friend. 

Never take your customers for granted. They will recommend you favorably and help expand your business. 


The House Always Wins

We are aware that this is untrue in the online sportsbook industry and that it is also untrue in Las Vegas and online. The house does not always win.

However, the bettor must defeat you at least 52–54 percent of the time (at standard -110 odds) in order to win. They must beat you more frequently than 54 percent of the time in order to make any sort of significant profit.

The phrase “the house always wins” is true in casino gambling. Yes, you are making money if you run an online casino in addition to an online sportsbook. The modern sports bookie should consider adding this feature to his lineup.

Bookies that want a successful sportsbook should do whatever it takes to generate additional profits. That is why having an online casino is a tremendous advantage to your operation. The casino is a cash cow that brings in a ton of money. Every casino experiences some losses, of course, but overall, the gains are almost always significantly greater than the losses. 


Sportsbooks usually operate with a narrow margin. Earnings can be substantial and losses can be significant. The average sports bookie must understand how to manipulate numbers to their advantage if they plan to run an online sportsbook. 

Bookmakers must learn how to set lines and set odds.The majority of people do not have the kind of time required to become oddsmakers. Even bookies are occupied with tasks outside of sports betting. There is a very profitable strategy to stay ahead of your client and remain in the black.

This strategy has helped numerous independent bookies compete with the big dogs in the industry. The strategy is the use of pay per head sportsbook software.

Sports Bookie Pay Per Head Explained

If you aren’t employing a pay per head sportsbook software solution, you need to look into its advantages and how it can turn your sportsbook into a humming, money-making machine.

If you don’t know what pay per head is yet, you should take the time to learn. It is a complete, turnkey solution for the aspiring bookmaker. It all starts with a unique sportsbook website that is designed just for the bookie.

The website is run using the pay per head software and does everything from show daily odds and lines to collect and distribute payments. Bettors log into their own accounts on the website. They can check odds, place bets, make deposits and withdrawals, and more. 

Technology continues to improve and most pay per head services now offer casino gambling and racebook solutions in addition to the sportsbook. Bookies get all of this and more for one low fee per active bettor.

For example, in a given week, you may have 10 active bettors that placed bets. The industry standard is $10 per head. You would be billed $100 (10 x $10) for the week. It’s that simple.

Pay per head software allows the modern sports bookie to do a couple things. One is to spend less time on administrative tasks. That allows the bookmaker to get out and promote his business and add more bettors. 

The second thing it does is allow an independent bookie to compete with all of the big boys in the industry. Online presence is everything and PPH software gives off the impression that you are just like the top sportsbooks in the game.

Be a Sports Bookie – Find a Great PPH Service

To get started with pay per head, you have to find a trustworthy and reliable service. There are several in the industry today. You can begin by searching online and when you narrow down your field of prospective PPH services, you can start to dig deeper.

The best PPH companies in the industry all offer some sort of free trial. The trial period usually lasts somewhere between two and four weeks. This way, a bookie can take a test drive and see which service he likes best. 

Keep in mind that most pay per head services can have your sportsbook completely operational within a day or two of making a decision. Whether you have 10 players or 1,000, it doesn’t matter. You only pay for the active bettors.

Find bookie software that will provide you a true advantage over your competitors. Stop trying to do this alone and find a top-notch pay per head service. If you want to succeed in this industry, it is the way to go.