Why is premier per head the best pay per head service?

At Premier we like to think that we are there to answer a customer service inquiry faster than anyone else. That has to be an essential to how we do business, because we know that when YOU are the customer, YOU are looking for service. And when we say “service,” that means we pay attention to you.

No one wants to be ignored, and that is what tends to happen when you go with some of the other Pay Per Head companies. They may have a huge customer base, but their agent-client winds up becoming a “number,” which eventually takes its toll, because the customer is looking to maximize the profitability of his experience in PPH, and there absolutely needs to be that “hand-in-hand” relationship to help make that happen.

Why is premier per head the best pay per head service?

That is the big “edge” we have here at Premier Per Head and why it makes all the sense in the world for you to join us. Come and talk to us and we will clue you in on more of it.

Why is premier per head the best pay per head service?

But Premier Price Per Head Online Sportsbook Management Software is not finished quite yet.

We have the best facilities for you to deal with. That means we have the most conscientious designers around so that you can have a customized website ready to invite your end customers in so that they can place their wagers with you. That means having the latest up-to-date odds so that you can resemble the sharpest operator in the world. You will NEVER miss a critical line change when you are doing business with us at Premier Price Per Head Sportsbooks.

It also means that you are going to really “ramp up” your own customer relations. Let’s face it – when you aren’t required to spend as much time in the “office” you can get out there and deal with your customers on a personal basis, as well as recruit new business to come in. The PPH bookie software package you get when you come aboard with Premier allows you to free up a lot of time for this purpose.  Check out the Premier customer service center over here.

PPH bookie software package Free Trial

And you also have the opportunity for superior communication with your customers that offers perfect documentation and clarification. There are other PPH companies out there that employ people in their call center who may not speak English as a first language. What happens in this case is that there is the chance that something is going to be “lost in the translation,” and that is going to wind up costing you money and clients. Premier Per Head only uses call center reps who speak native English, and they know the business, so you are going to have happy customers and be able to eliminate disputes.

Isn’t that enough of a reason to come and take advantage of our free trial offer?


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