Where Can I Bet On Sports Online

If you’re a fan of hedging your bets, making wagers, or any other kind of gambling, then you’ve probably asked yourself “where can I bet on sports online?” Whether you’re a real, avid shark or just a casual player, you’ll benefit by using Premier Per Head’s state-of-the-art bookie software. Our software program allows both players and bookmakers alike to access an incredible set of features that will forever change the way they operate their day-to-day business. 

What’s Bookie Software?

Our cutting-edge Sharp Line software is the miracle bookies have been looking for. No matter if you’re running a full-scale operation with hundreds or even thousands of players or if it’s just you and a handful of buddies, the features included in our Sharp Line software make it easier and more convenient to play and win. So, how does online betting work with sports? Sportsbooks have to determine the odds and set lines for everything from thoroughbred races to Super Bowl championships, just like bookies that aren’t in the virtual world. 

Back in the 20th century when bookies still had to take phone calls from customers to give them rundowns, they were still dealing with a very limited number of wagering possibilities. Before the Internet gave us the ability to get line changes instantaneously, it was almost impossible to get line changes in real time. Our sportsbook software digitizes and automates everything, so line changes are reflected immediately. As an agent, you want to be able to offer to your clientele the best products with the best features in order for you to be competitive in the marketplace.


Where Can I Bet On Sports Online

Some Of Our Great Features

The fastest and sharpest lines in the pay per head industry start at one low price with no hidden fees or gimmicks. Our software gives you:

  • Sharp player monitoring
  • Agent and player-friendly reports
  • Live wagering for every game
  • A no-percentage desktop and mobile casino, horses, and other games
  • A fully-customizable racebook and user dashboard
  • Access to a fully-trained, English-speaking customer service call center
  • Phone wagering and support
  • A mobile-friendly platform and wagering menu
  • All at one low cost!

Your customizable dashboard lets you pick and choose which games and sports you want to offer to your players, leaving you the options to stay with what you’re best at or even take the opportunity to learn how to bet on sports online that you haven’t tried before. 

Sign Up Today

And we here at Premier Per Head will give you a four-week trial of our premium Sharp Line software absolutely free! We have more payment options than anyone else in the industry, making it easier for you and your players to place and collect your bets. You can also join our referral program! Get your friends and family to create sportsbooks of their own and we’ll send you a commission for helping us grow our business. Download our software now to experience all of our delightful features and customer support services and switch your sportsbook today!


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