What Is the AAF and Can We Bet On It

February 9th, 2019 kicked off the start of the AAF—Alliance of American Football—a brand new professional American football league promising new opportunities for football sports betting. And it’s first impressions, demonstrated a potential rival for the NFL with their opening games performing decently well.

Nielsen ratings, an audience measurement system, clocked the inaugural football game as having more viewers than an NBA game on the ABC Network. The following week, over a million people had watched the afternoon game with a little fewer than half a million viewers for the evening game. The next week saw similar numbers, so it’s safe to assume that there are nearly half a million people watching any given AAF game. That’s a sizeable audience pool ripe with bets waiting to be placed and collected.

The Alliance is also helping to legitimize football sports betting through a sponsorship deal with MGM Resorts International, marking the first time in history that a sports organization has sold exclusive in-game betting rights to a sportsbook. The AAF tech platform is full of investors who are in it for long-run gambling tech maturation. While the AAF uses sensors that will allow the company’s tech team to collect live, second-generation statistics that can immediately update in-game gambling odds, the NFL isn’t quite as transparent. The National Football League uses ticket sales and television ratings to influence wagering, while in reality everybody knows that ticket sales don’t prove that a certain team will win.

Football Sports Betting

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