What is Live Betting?


What is Live Betting?

What is live betting? Live betting, also known as “in-play” betting, allows bettors to place wagers throughout the duration of an entire sporting event, rather than typically laying bets before an event starts. Considered one of the greatest innovations in recent online sports gambling, live betting allows players to read momentum swings in the predicted outcomes of events, and then adjust their wagers as necessary to maximize their payouts.

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How Does This Affect Sports Betting Software?

Online betting software, while already providing a convenient source to lay wagers, gets even more convenient when live betting is made available. Since our platform already allows for easy betting anywhere in the world, at any time, the addition of this new dimension elevates our online sportsbooks even further.


NBA Online Betting As An Example

To illustrate this, let’s use NBA online betting as an example. Basketball games are typically decided in the final minutes of the event. It’s a fast-paced game that oftentimes experiences momentum shifts late in the 4th quarter. Many of your players will likely bet ahead of the event based on the lines and odds you have provided them. With live betting available, players will be able to lay wagers and adjust bets as the game plays real time. This means you have a much better chance at making much more money since your clients are now continuously betting. They’re constantly  trying to beat the adjusting odds.

Here’s another example. When it comes to online football betting, if a bettor missed his chance to lay wagers, he usually can’t bet until halftime is over. However, with live betting, he’s now able to place his bet whenever it’s convenient for him. This is regardless of whenever the kickoff occurred. This gives players the ability to explore more freedom in their bets. Additionally, it and may even attract others who don’t want to feel “locked” into their bet once the game begins.

Maximize Your Profits

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the bookie or the bettor. Live wagering is giving everyone involved in the online gambling scene the chance to make substantially more profit. Seasoned players will be looking to place wagers ahead of the event and throughout its duration. Also, newer bettors will enjoy the thought of being able to adjust their bets as the game plays out. Live betting brings more money and players to your sportsbook.

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