What are the Top Rated Pay Per Head Services for 2016 NFL Betting?

The start of another season of football in the NFL is right around the corner and if you are an independent sports bookmaker this marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year. To make the most of this tremendous money making opportunity, the first thing you need to do is take your bookmaking business online with one of our trusted PPH service providers . They have routinely been one of the top rated Pay Per Head services for betting on all sports including the NFL.

1-The Best Price Per Head Online Bookie Software

The main job of any Pay Per Head site is to help you run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino with the right online gambling software. It need to be reliable, dependable and up and running on a 24-hour basis. For the past 15 years, this trusted providers spared no cost to provide independent bookies just like yourself with Internet sports betting software that would rival even the biggest offshore sportsbooks operating online. They have worked very hard to help you level the playing field with these big online books so you can spend more of your time working directly with your betting customers.

2-Betting Lines Delivered Fast and Razor Sharp

They are owned and operated by online sports betting experts and They have fully leveraged their ongoing business relationship with the top oddsmaking services in the world to bring you all the betting lines you need both fast and razor sharp. They can help you build out your board with betting opportunities on a global scale and when it comes to live in-game betting they can deliver the lines you need for every game, every day of the year. Best of all, as part of the weekly price per head fee you pay, you can always move your own lines and change your offerings.

3-Built In “Sharp Monitoring” with their Sportsbook Software Solutions

Through backend access to their online gambling software, you will have all the information you need to stay way out in front of the betting action coming in. This will help you avoid any unwanted negative exposure that could impact your bottom line. It will also help you track all the online activity for each of your betting customers.