The Future of Gaming Solutions

The future of gaming solutions is here. And you can thank the pay per head industry.

Key Points

– The future of gaming solutions is in the hands of the pay per head industry.

– Pay per head services offer bookies and bettors complete gaming solutions.

The Future of Gaming Solutions

The sports betting world has undergone dramatic changes over the past several years. The industry continues to grow and one of the big reasons why is the growth of the pay per head industry. The future of gaming solutions remains in the hands of PPH services.

It has been the perfect mix of timing – gambling legislation changes opened up markets in the U.S. – and improvements in technology that have really allowed the pay per head industry to blossom.  And, it’s going to continue.

What is a Pay Per Head Service

Sports bettors anywhere can log into their betting accounts and do everything from make deposits, look at odds, and place bets. They can do all of that from the comforts of anywhere by using their smartphone.

Most bettors these days do exactly that. They use a smartphone or some other smart device and take care of all of their betting business. That wasn’t the case several years ago. Pay per head services are the big reason why.

A pay per head service offers a complete out of the box, turnkey sportsbook solution for the modern bookie. The package includes a fully functioning, interactive, professionally designed website.


The software includes everything a bookie needs to operate and manage an online sportsbook. For any successful private bookmaker, the future of gaming solutions is all about a pay per head service.

In return, the bookie pays a fee per head, or per bettor, that is typically around $10. For the sake of example, a bookie with five bettors who actively placed bets in a given week would pay $50 (5 x $10) for his pay per head services.

Complete Gaming Solution

The modern gambler doesn’t have to get in the car and head to the casino. People love to gamble and enjoy trips to the casino, but they also like the ability to have access to casino games, horses, and a sportsbook all at the tap of a screen.

The modern online sportsbook offers customers more than just the ability to bet on the NFL  and NBA. A tap here or a tap there can take a customer right into an online casino where games like blackjack, poker, and roulette are available.

Offer a one-stop gaming shop

The popularity of the Triple Crown grows every year and bettors flock to racebooks to place their bets. Bettors can now do that from their smartphone too. Plus, they have access to tracks all over the world and can place bets on horses at any time.

The modern sportsbook is backed by the technology of pay per head providers which now offer bookies and their customers complete gaming solutions.

Give Bettors What They Want

Pay per head services allow the modern bookie to give bettors exactly what they want. At the top of the list is the betting board. 

Bettors want to be able to find the action they are looking for. One of the great things about working with a PPH service is the sheer size of the betting board. All of the major sports are there, but bookies can also offer less popular sports and action on leagues from around the world.

For customers looking for European soccer or hockey or even table tennis in Asia, they can find it at a sportsbook run by pay per head software. The best PPH providers in the industry offer a huge betting board with tons of options. That’s the future of gaming solutions – access to virtually everything.

The Complete Package – The Future of Gaming Solutions

The modern bookie isn’t wearing $5,000 suits and driving Lamborghinis, but they are running profitable businesses. One of the reasons why is the other services provided by a pay per head company.

The biggest saving grace for bookies is the customer service element that comes with partnering with a PPH service. A bookie gets access to what is essentially his very own customer service call center.

This one piece of the PPH puzzle saves bookies enormous amounts of time. There are many pieces to the future of gaming solutions. Let a PPH shop take you to the next level of online gaming.

All the phone calls bookies used to field in the middle of the night are now taken by his own customer service team. Everything from issues with bets to issues with deposits or withdrawals is taken care of by the customer service team. That includes any technical issues that a bettor might have.

The time saved makes for a much better bookie experience and it allows bookies to actively market their sportsbooks and recruit new customers. Those new customers, of course, can add to a bookie’s bottom line.