Take Advantage of March Madness with PPH Brackets

How to take advantage of March Madness with PPH brackets.

Key Points

– Bookies should use March Madness to run a PPH brackets contest.

– PPH bookies can use March Madness to add new bettors to their player sheet.

Take Advantage of March Madness with PPH Brackets

There is something special about the month of March. It is the one and only time of the year when the vast majority of people are riveted to their televisions and various internet-connected devices. It’s March Madness time, baby!

The college basketball regular season comes to an end for most teams in late February and early March. Conferences hold their annual tournaments and the NCAA selects the 68 teams that will play for the national championship in mid-March.

When the college hoops season gets to February, it’s time for bookies to start looking ahead. It’s time to start thinking about taking advantage of the season with PPH brackets. The time to start putting together the necessary pieces of your bracket contest is now!


PPH Brackets

Once the NCAA releases the tournament bracket on Selection Sunday, it’s easy for the pay per head bookie to get to work. The smart bookie will follow something like Bracketology and have a strong idea of what the final bracket will look like.

Having created that bracket already, bookies can get their final NCAA tournament bracket up and running in no time. That way, customers can access it as soon as possible and get their entries into the contest.

The bracket can also be used as a marketing tool to draw in new bettors. Offer extra entries for things like verifying your email address, making a deposit, and more. This is an easy way to take advantage of the spectacle of March Madness.

Take Advantage of March Madness with PPH Brackets

Tracking the Bracket Contest

Now, your pay per head provider should have all the tools you need to track your brackets. Bettors will access the contest through your web portal or app. They enter their choices for the entire bracket.

Develop a scoring system and allow the software to keep track of the point totals. You should be able to produce a leaderboard after each round of March Madness is completed. Bettors love to see where they stand in relation to others in the contest.

As long as a player has a smartphone or other internet-connected device, the player can access this tournament information at any time. That’s the beauty of pay per head software. It makes running an NCAA tournament bracket contest extremely easy.

Collecting Payment for PPH Brackets

You can run a free contest, but you can really take advantage of this time of year by charging a small fee to enter. For $5 to $20, participants can fill out their bracket and win money as a result.

Sportsbook software has evolved. It will take care of collecting all payments. A player’s bracket isn’t in the contest until the money is collected. Bookies can make payment a requirement to access the bracket. It can be set up however you like, just confirm with your PPH provider.

Bookies can then decide on payouts. Some contests will have a payout for each round. You might decide to pay out the overall winner, second place, and third place based on a point system that you developed.

The limits of what you can do are really up to your creativity and your pay per head service. 

The Right PPH Service

If your pay per head service doesn’t have the flexibility to allow you to offer PPH brackets, it might be time to find a new provider. The best in the industry have the software and the technology to allow bookies to do pretty much anything.

If you find yourself limited in any fashion, switching pay per head services is always an option. With the technology in place today, changing from one PPH to another is much less difficult than it was even a few years ago.

Keep in mind that the best services in the market will provide a wide range of betting options. Lines and odds are sharp and bettors have the choice of thousands of bets. You should have the ability to add NFL pay per head player props to your betting board.

Banking is easy and bettors are presented with a variety of options. The customer service is outstanding and running the sportsbook is really handled by the bookie software. If your current PPH is lacking in any of these areas, it’s time to make a change.