Stop Loosing Players to Offshore Sportsbooks

Customers are the life blood of any business and if you are an independent sports bookmaker working with a Pay Per Head site, you need the proper sportsbook software solutions that can level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. This great PPH service providers have been doing just that for the past 16 years to become the best sportsbook management solutions provider in the Internet sports betting industry.

1-Owned and Operated by Online Sports Gambling Software Experts

The top priority of our great providers have always been to help their private bookies level the playing field against the big offshore books and their online bookie software package would rival what even the biggest offshore books are using to operate their million dollar websites. Their top goal is to help you create that all-important competitive point of difference with today’s sophisticated sports bettor that is looking for a higher level of attention to detail and hands-on customer support. All it takes to get started is to join them and you will immediately know that your sports bookmaking operation is in the best hands possible.

2-Online Gambling Applications for Both a Racebook and an Online White Label Casino
Along with the low, weekly price per head service fee you pay for help running and managing your own sportsbook, they can also provide the PPH service solutions to run and manage your own expanded racebook for horses as well as an online casino equipped with mobile gaming and live dealer table games. Why run the risk of losing even one of your betting customers to an offshore book? With our service providers supplying your online gambling software solutions, you can quickly establish yourself as a full-service bookmaking business.

3-Easy Payment Options for One All-Inclusive Price Per Head Fee
Controlling upfront costs while building bottom-line profits can be a solid recipe for long-term success as a private bookie. You will only be charged for your active betting customers when it comes to their price per head service fees and you will have a variety of options for payment.they still accepts traditional money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram and they were one of the first PPH services to add Bitcoin as a payment option. You can even use a gift card to pay if that works best for you.