Bookies Discover the Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software Solutions

If you are an independent sports bookmaker, then you already know just how important it is to have the right Pay Per Head site helping you to run and manage your own sportsbook. Our PPH service providers can take things one step further with the best sportsbook software solutions

1-Best Price Per Head Online Bookie Software

this great providers are owned and operated by Internet sports betting experts that have spent the last 15 years perfecting their sportsbook management solutions to the point where their online gambling software would rival even the biggest offshore sportsbooks in the game today. they have worked hard to completely level the playing field with these large offshore books operating online so you as an independent agent can better spend your time growing your overall business while building long-term bottom line profits. they take all the guesswork out of successfully operating your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino.

2-1000’s of Live Wagering Options Per Week

Live in-game betting is one of the hottest trends in the online sports betting industry today and you need a PPH service that can deliver all the betting lines you need both fast and razor sharp. As a leader in the industry, they have developed working relationships with the top oddsmaking services in the world to get you the betting lines you need for every game, every day of the year. Best of all as part of the weekly price per head fee you pay for active betting customers, you will always have the ability to move your own betting lines and change your offerings to best meet your business needs.

3-Sharp Monitoring Keeps Your Protected All Season

One of the best ways to be successful as a private bookie is having the ability to always stay well out in front of the daily action coming in. Their sportsbook software solutions have a built-in “sharp monitoring” feature that can help you avoid any unwanted negative exposure from sharps and other betting syndicates. With their software you will be able to create individual account profiles complete with any betting and credit limits you wish to put in place.