Fastest and sharpest lines in the pay per head industry

Fastest and sharpest lines in the pay per head industry, their stage is filled with the most experienced and talented staff in the sportsbook software business. This translates into the biggest offering and best lines for your players. It also brings you more income.

They deal with “offices” of all sizes, from someone with a sheet of just a few players all the way up to the major operations that have hundreds, even thousands of customers. And there is one thing that can be a potential killer for all of them, regardless of how many people they are handling.

The biggest nightmare for any bookmaker is that he gets caught with his pants down. That means one of his customers is on top of a line move before HE is, takes advantage of it, and it’s a winner. These things happen when a bookmaker, or as they say in pay per head terminology, an “agent,” has a line that is not sharp enough.

This is something that is understood all too well by the people atone of our great PPHservice providers. And it has been addressed in the best possible way. Their organization has spared no expense in securing the’s top sports oddsmaking services in the world to make sure you ALWAYS have the sharpest and fastest lines available anywhere. That includes all the other pay per head services in the marketplace. When you do business with us, you will NEVER miss a critical line move that can cost you money with a customer.

And this is where there is such a huge difference between doing business the conventional way and doing it with pay per head bookie software. When you were operating in the 20th century model, taking phone calls from customers and giving them a “rundown,” you were dealing with a very limited number of wagering possibilities, and even if you were getting phone calls directly from Las Vegas, from someone outside of the sportsbook, you could still get beaten on a move, because you are not getting it in real time. That kind of concern is out the window when you deal with their sportsbook software. Everything is computerized and automated, so when the line changes, it is reflected instantaneously on the screen that your customer is using. There is no change, for whatever reason, that you will be “slow” on. Isn’t it a tremendous feeling to be operating at the same speed as the top online sportsbooks in the world?

You bet it WILL be. That’s why they want you to take a “test drive” with their state-of-the-art software. They’ll show you how it can make a difference in the way you do business with your customers, and how you can come out with more profit in the long run, by being the sharpest person on the planet, at all times!