RDG Corp

RDG Corp has been serving the gaming industry since 1996, providing safe and reliable services. RDG Corp. offers complete turnkey solutions for all your sportsbook, racebook, casino and pay per head bookmaker needs. This company has years of experience managing online gambling sites and servicing price per head agents, so they know what you need to make your gaming business a success.

Online gambling has boomed in popularity since the first online casinos, sportsbook and racebooks were introduced. Many online gambling sites are being launched on a regular basis and now, with turnkey label solutions, it is easier than ever to launch your own online gambling site. Founded in 1996, RDG Corp is a leading provider of all the services you may need in order to operate your sportsbook, casino or racebook in the most successful way. It aims to ensure that your business and profits will grow, while giving you as much flexibility as you need. The advantages of making use of turnkey label solutions at RDG Corp are that you are able to have your own offshore sportsbook, casino or racebook, pay your fees and have RDG Corp worry about all the maintenance. You are able to choose one product or the whole package as suits your needs. Here we will look at some of the specific advantages of using a turnkey label solution for your sportsbook, casino or racebook.


You are able to have your own sportsbook at minimal risk when you make use of turnkey label solutions. You are able to choose from a comprehensive list of sites and RDG Corp takes care of the majority of services. They will handle all of the processing and payouts for your customers and they provide an insurance policy and stand behind the action. This will allow your customers to rest easy as it guarantees reliability when it comes to payouts. You will be able to provide your customers with a safe and comprehensive betting environment that offers stability and a wide range of services. Let your customers choose their sports and their bets with peace of mind.


A turnkey casino program is also known as a white label casino. These allow you to promote your own online casino website without having to invest the time and money that would otherwise be necessary when building your own online casino website on your own. A turnkey label solution provides you with the software and marketing to operate an online casino customized to your specifications, including your brand name. Some of the services you can expect with a turnkey label solution for your casino include web design and web hosting, site maintenance, payment processing, licensing, customer service, marketing, fraud monitoring and more. RDG Corp will look after services that are necessary to provide a top quality online casino.


By using RDG Corp and their turnkey label solution for your racebook you will be free to concentrate your efforts on player retention and marketing – the parts of the business that you are able to do best. By paying a one time fee and a monthly maintenance fee you will remove the headache and the time pressure of having to deal with most of the day-to-day management and maintenance of your online racebook. The extra time and the money saved by making use of the turnkey label solution can be put into growing your business and increasing your profits.