Price Per Head At Premier PPH Empowers The Small Business


with premier price per head you work smarter as a bookie

The Rise Of The Price Per Head Software Solution

Since the turn of the century, sports wagering enthusiasts have been living a true golden age. The rise of online sportsbooks have given more betting exposure to a broader audience. But it wasn’t until the advent of price per head services, like, that local bookies began to see their day in the sun.

Owning a sportsbook has always been a financially intensives operation. Simply put, not everyone can afford the startup costs. Just the wagering software alone can run six figures from blueprint to completion. Then you have gaming odds software rental, servers to maintain, staff, office space, etc. It’s a long list and until you’ve seen the inside functions of the business, you’d never guess the investment was so high.

When price per head was born, it was a game changer on how bookies make money. It allowed even small businesses to have an elite, affordable product while providing all the benefits of being local.

Yet, even today, some less-experienced bookies are uncertain what to target when looking for a price per head service. So, Premier runs down a few starting points that should be non-negotiable when deciding on your PPH sportsbook.

Business Hours

Sports wagering is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year business. And considering the competitive environment, you can’t afford to have any downtime or assume the opposition does. Premier Per Head understands the importance of having a 24 hour wagering call center to cater to a world wide market. Sun up or down, betting odds should always be available and your clientele should be able to reach a wagering representative at any time.

Agent Support

 As an agent, you are the single most important aspect for any price per head site. A top notch PPH website will have an interactive back-end where you can do a majority of your player management tasks. However, given the complexity of the modern wagering software, it takes a highly experienced account manager to maneuver the more complicated jobs. Services like Premier excel on this aspect. You may go weeks without ever needing to speak with a manager, but when you do, the service should be prompt and precise.

Accurate Betting Odds 

Once upon a time, betting odds could be a shade off from the majority of major books and nobody was the wiser. That’s not the case anymore. Having betting odds that are up to the second are crucial in today’s industry. Insider information flows much faster in the digital age, so any slight inaccuracy on lines is a liability. Bettors are also increasingly getting access to betting tools that can detect line variation. Modern sportsbooks like rely on state of the art monitoring systems to keep the lines current and accurate.

A Bargain Investment!

Any price per head service that deserves your business will knock these essentials out of the park. There has never been a better time to be a bookie. What was once an exclusive club is now open membership for entrepreneurs of all size. With Premier Per Head you don’t have to invest a fortune to have your own sportsbook. Come see what price per head is all about!