Prepare For The Upcoming Horse Racing Season: What Every Bookie Will Need


Prepare For The Upcoming Horse Racing Season: What Every Bookie Will Need


Horse racing season is descending quickly upon us, and as the horses’ hooves gallop closer and closer, we here at Premier Per Head would like to take a minute to give all prospective bookies and gamblers the opportunity to learn how you could strike it big through horse race betting online!

For those unfamiliar with horse racing, the season typically starts off slowly in the beginning of the year before picking up speed in March. The season sees a busy spring and summer, with important races such as the Triple Crown occurring between May and June. The races offer a high-octane thrill for bookies and gamblers alike, but in recent years, however, there have been developments that will forever affect the way people place wagers for horse race betting. Online wagering is slowly filling the horizon, and taking over as the best place to lay bets.

Horse Race Betting Online


By eliminating the need to place bets at the track(the traditional way to bets on horse racing), the accessibility and convenience of online betting is allowing bookies to reach wider pools of clients. By re-positioning your business digitally, you could potentially make thousands without even having to attend the race.

At Premier, we offer the finest online sportsbook betting software available on the market today, geared especially towards bookies who specialize in online horse race gambling and live-action sports such as the NFL and MLB. Online sportsbook betting makes it easier for bookies to manage their pay-per-head business.

It all starts with our state-of-the-art Sharp Line software with the fastest lines in the industry. Our technology makes it easy to move lines, players, and change your offerings! PPH software gives bookies who manage a large clientele a strategic advantage: their players have one convenient place for their betting needs and it allows bookies to monitor their activity anytime, anywhere.  A few of our many additional features include:

  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • LIVE wagering for ALL games
  • Desktop and mobile casino – no percentage!
  • Custom racebooks
  • 24/7, real American customer support
  • All under one great price!


What our software doesn’t include, however, is advice on how to place your wagers for online horse race gambling. Keep in mind the kind of bets you’d like to place. Are you going for a straight bet? Try a show or win bet. Or, if you’re feeling like the world is your oyster, you could go for an exotic bet like the superfecta: 4 horses finishing first, second, third and fourth, in a very specific order. Look for programs that can provide more information about the horse you’d like to select and try to research the jockey’s reputation as much as you can. With these tips, horse race betting online can be a fruitful and exciting way to expand your business.