How A Pay Per Head Solves the Customer Service Nightmare

It’s not an unfamiliar experience for Americans – calling a service representative at some pay per head shop which is located somewhere, OTHER than the United States, where the operator is talking so fast, and in broken English, that you can’t really understand what they say, and vice versa.

There is nothing as frustrating as having to call some customer service center and not being able to get your message across because the person on the other end just doesn’t understand the English idioms involved in the way you are speaking, or the language itself, all that well or not understanding THEM. When you are calling a pay per head operator you certainly run that risk.

And when there is a lot of money on the line this is a genuine concern. That’s the way it is in your sports betting business. A mistake in communication can mean a loss of money and/or customers on your end.

What is the solution? Naturally, to have people taking calls, both from yourself and your customers, who speak English as a NATIVE language.

When you or your players dial up the call center to any of our PPH service providers. they will be talking to Americans who have been trained to handle any and all customer service inquiries. Of course, that, in and of itself, is not nearly enough. These folks don’t just pull somebody out of a Walmart checkout line; they have phone representatives who are intimately familiar with the bookmaking business.

So if one of your players calls and says “Let me have a dime on America’s Team,” they’ll be understood, perfectly.

What you must never forget is that when you give out a phone number for customers to call, as far as they are concerned they are calling YOU. So that is, by definition, an extension of you and your business. THEIR mistakes are YOUR mistakes. The money that could be lost is YOUR money. Customers don’t get apologetic on your behalf, not when there is money at stake.

Do you really want to take chances with something so critical? If you want to roll dice, you are better off going into a casino. Because that is what you can wind up doing with services who can’t make the guarantee of only native English speakers. You are, in effect, gambling with your sports betting/ pay per head business.

Our PPH service providers doesn’t put you in that position. And they are very unique in that regard. Your players will feel as if they are talking with wily veterans, just as if they called you in your “office.” Except that you won’t have that kind of office anymore. Instead, you’ll truly be a “man in motion,” out there growing your customer base and improving relationships; making more money and concentrating on a lot of those things that don’t demand that you oversee an excessive amount on manpower. To be FREE to make more cash – that’s like a dream!