This PPH Providers Serves-up the Fastest and Sharpest Betting Lines Around

The sports betting industry is both fast-paced and highly competitive and to succeed as an independent sports bookmaker you need a Pay Per Head service that can come through when you need them the most.

For the past 15 years, our trusted providers have work extremely hard to become the leader in the PPH service industry and one of the main reasons why is because they can consistently deliver the fastest and the sharpest betting lines in the sports betting industry today.

Over all that time, they have made a substantial investment in developing an advanced operating system that runs on state-of-the-art sport betting software. The result for sports bookmakers like yourself is a completely level playing field to compete against the big online sportsbooks that are always trying to attract sports bettors to their sites.

this providers keep their bookmaking agents ahead of the curve so they can take full advantage of their true competitive edge; personalized one-on-one customer service that the big books cannot match.

Action is fast and furious when it comes to sports betting, especially in the fall and early winter when things are at its peak. If your PPH service does not have the technical capability to keep up, then as an independent agent, you run the risk of losing customers who cannot find the betting lines they are looking for.

they have partnered with the top oddsmaking services around the world to always make sure that you have instant access to the fastest and the sharpest betting lines around. Betting lines are a moving target, so they have also put an elaborate system in place to track changes on a 24/7 basis. Critical line moves can negatively impact your bottom line, but you can rest assured that their sports betting software will keep you on top of things through the back-end access to your entire operation on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You will be able to instantly monitor the action coming in and make immediate line moves to minimize any negative exposure. You will also have the ability to create individual customer profiles were you can automatically set and adjust credit and betting limits as well as track action on a case by case basis.
The best part of all is that this providers give you the ability to move your own PPH lines and change your offerings on a continual basis at no extra cost to you other than the low weekly per head fee you pay for active customers.