Pay Per Head makes Customer Service The Top Priority

Our great PPH providers, they honestly believe that they are only as good as the people that work for us. The Pay Per Head industry is customer driven and over the past 14 years they have committed both a substantial amount of time and money to training and developing a call center staff that is second to none when it comes to handling your customer’s accounts.

All of their expertly trained staff already comes from a sports bookmaking background so they know exactly what it takes to make your business a success. They all have extensive experience in taking action and working with American customers so you will never have to worry about any potential gaps in communication. On the rare occasion where a dispute may arise with one of your customer’s accounts, this providers can guarantee that their representative will work to bring about a resolution that is agreeable to all the parties involved.

The database redundancy that is built into their operating system and sports betting software is designed to minimize if not eliminate any potential downtime so your customers will always have direct access to their call center on a round-the-clock basis every single day of the year.

While some of your customers may still prefer picking up a phone and contacting us through a toll-free number, more and more sports bettors are relying on their secure text message option through the online chat feature on the website. This is probably the quickest way to get a response to a question or concern. The best thing of all is that is comes to you at no extra charge. If fact, there are no extra charges for anything that is part of theirs entire PPH solution package. The only thing that you pay is the low weekly per head fee for your active accounts.

Today’s players have become extremely sophisticated when it comes to mobile technology and their operating system has grown right along with these advances over the years. That is why they can offer a secure text message option that can be accessed from any device that can hook up to an internet connection. Instant contact followed by an instant response is the best way to keep your customer’s satisfied. This can be a major selling point for your business and a huge point of difference when it comes to dealing with the big, impersonal sportsbooks that you are constantly competing against. Top