Pay Per Head Customer Service

To be ranked among the best at what you do is always an honor and our great PPH service providers they are honored to be considered the best Price Per Head provider in the sports betting industry today. They did not get to the top by accident and over the past 15 years They have worked hard to bring independent sports bookmakers the sportsbook management solutions that are designed to grow your customer base and build your bottom line.

this providers have always been willing to make the necessary investments in infrastructure to provide an operating system that has been built with a high level of database redundancy to eliminate costly downtime. They have also invested heavily in sports betting software that would rival even the biggest online sportsbooks in the game today. While their software is highly sophisticated and complex in its design, it is easy to navigate and completely customizable to meet your specific business needs.

Their proudest accomplishment over the past 15 years has been the development of a world class call center. our providers are owned and operated by sport betting experts who come from an extensive background in bookmaking. They have gone to great lengths and expense to assemble a highly trained customer service team that matches this level of expertise. Their representatives know and understand what it takes to be successful as an independent bookmaking agent in a very competitive business environment. They are there for you as an agent as well as for your customers on a round-the-clock basis every single day of the year.

Not only is Their call center staffed with sports betting experts, they are also well versed in working with an American-based cliental. As the bookmaking agent, you will never have to worry about breakdowns in communication due to language barriers. Their goal is complete satisfaction for both yourself and your entire customer base.

Another reason why They are rated as the best in customer service is the simple fact that the lines of communication are always open 24 hours a day. They offer a number of different ways to keep in constant contact from a traditional toll-free phone number to a secure one-on-one messenger service. They employ every modern means of technology in Their call center from an online chat service to a closely monitored email account to keep those lines of communication open at all times.