Pay Per Head’s Sharp Monitoring gives you the Edge

Being an independent sports bookmaker can be a very lucrative business proposition as long as you know how to limit your negative exposure while enhancing a positive return on all the action coming in. Your average Pay Per Head Service may be able to handle much of the administrative side of your bookmaking business, but will they have your back as a true partner when it comes to properly monitoring your customer’s betting action?

The answer to that question is the sport betting solution that Our PPH service providers have been providing bookmaking agents just like you for the last 14 years. You do not stick around that long in such a competitive business environment without doing something right and our trusted providers they pride themselves as being a true partner with your best interests always in mind.

It starts with a first class call center that is filled with customer services representatives that fully understand what it takes to run a successful live betting sports bookmaking business. They all have a vast amount of experience taking action from American customers and truly know what it takes to make your business run smooth while limiting any unexpected surprises.

The reality of the sports bookmaking industry is that bettors are always looking for some kind of edge against the books they bet with. With their expert help, your customers are going to love the attention they receive when it comes to managing their account, but that does not mean they are not looking for an edge in your betting lines. That is why they rely on some of the top oddsmaking services in the world to consistently deliver betting lines that are the fastest and sharpest in the business.

You will never miss a critical line move that can impact your overall profitability and they can offer an expansive software package that is built to always keep you on top of the action coming him. Sharp plays can do dome major damage to your bottom line, but with our providers they have the ability to provide a PPH solution that gives you the knowledge and advanced warning through “back-end” access to everyone of your customer’s accounts.

They offer numerous reports that track everything from a customer’s general profile to their betting patterns and past history of placing bets. You will always have the control you need to constantly monitor all of their activity so you can head off problems before the fact as opposed to having to react to a negative situation.