Line Management

Betting lines and odds are the nuts and bolts of an independent sports bookmaker’s business so you need to align yourself with a Pay Per Head service that gives you the flexibility to move those lines at a moment’s notice.

Our great PPH service providers have been in the sports betting game for 14 years as one of the top PPH services in the industry. They are owned and operated by experts in the field that know how to take action and how to always protect your bottom line.

You cannot afford to get caught off guard with a betting line move that could negatively impact your exposure, so they have spent an enormous amount of time and money developing an operating system that offers the proper sports betting software to avoid and virtually eliminate these types of situations.

It starts with your backend access to a series of sophisticated business reports that will keep you on top of things on a daily basis every day of the year. They have built-in protection against any action by sharps or a betting syndicate that can really disrupt things if left to its own devices. They can offer a sportsbook solution that keeps you ahead of the curve when it comes to the action you take in from your entire customer base.

Their sports betting software is designed to bring you the fastest and sharpest betting lines in the industry, but it is also designed to allow instant changes based on any sudden line movements. You never want to be stuck in a position where you have to react to negative exposure. Rather, you want to stay in front of things as the action starts to come in so you can handle any issues before they become a threat to your bottom line.

This is just good business sense and our providers take the responsibility of being your working partner very seriously. They know that your long-term success is directly tied into Their so the ability to move your own lines and manage the action is always part of the deal with them .

The best part is that moving lines and changing your offerings are all part of the package that is included in your per head weekly fees for active customers, so you never have to worry about any hidden expenses or unforeseen costs when it comes to the daily, weekly and monthly operation of your bookmaking business.