List of Pay Per Head Sites

Our PPH service providers Tops the List of Pay Per Head Sites, One of the first steps to opening and running a successful independent sports bookmaking service is finding the right Pay Per Head site to handle all the day-to-day transactions that take place in a business of this nature.

It would cost prohibitive to try and process any of these transactions with an internal operating system as opposed to paying a weekly per head fee for an outside source to take care of all of these administrative tasks. The biggest benefit of aligning your bookmaking business with a Pay Per Head site is the extra time it will free up to work on servicing and growing your existing customer base.

Your primary point of difference against the big online sportsbooks as an independent bookmaking agent is the personalized service you can provide on an account by account basis. Having the right Pay Per Head provider on your side will give you the best chance at achieving long-term success in what has become a very competitive business.

There is a reason why our servirce providers are the best Price Per Head site in the sports betting industry today. For the past 15 years, they have made the necessary investments in both technology and manpower to bring bookmaking agents just like yourself the proper Pay Per Head sportsbook management solutions to achieve the long-term profitable success you are looking for.

Their operating system comes equipped with triple redundancy in their database to virtually eliminate the costly downtime that plagues many of the other Pay Per Head sites out there. They have also spared no expense to utilize a sports betting software package that would rival even the biggest online sportsbooks in the industry today. Their software is not only fully customizable to your particular business needs and easy to navigate for your entire customer base, it is built with dozens of security measures that ensure that every transaction is conducted in a safe and secure online environment.

they have also gone out of their way to use the top oddsmaking services in the world to deliver betting lines that are both fast and razor sharp. Their selection of betting options is the largest the sports betting industry has to offer and as one of their bookmaking agents you will always have the option to move your own lines and change your offerings to best suit your customer base.