Pay Per Head helps Manage Your Risk

Given the tremendous growth and popularity of betting on sports over the past several years, it is easy to see why becoming an independent sports bookmaker would be a profitable venture. The key to success for an independent agent in the sports betting business is to align yourself with the right Price Per Head service that can help manage the day-to-day operation.

Our providers, they have all the bases covered when it comes to properly handling your account. While there are plenty of other PPH services to choose from, our providers have risen to the top of the list over the past 14 years because of their commitment to making your bookmaking business a success.

There is no doubt that booking sports bets can be a very lucrative business that can provide a steady stream of profits for years to come, but a key component of building this long-term success in what can be a very volatile working environment is managing risk and reducing negative exposure.

While the ideal situation with any sports betting action that comes in is to lay one side off the other and collect the 10 percent commission or “juice”; however that is not always the case. As the booking agent for these bets you always need to stay ahead of the action coming in so you can act accordingly to reduce risk and limit any negative exposure. The best thing about working directly with our providers as your PPH service is the fact that they have over 100 years combined experience in the bookmaking business and their expertly trained customer service team knows exactly what it takes to enhance as well as protect your bottom line.

Anyone who represents them in their world class call center has already walked in your shoes, so to speak. Everyone here has extensive experience taking action and they are all very familiar with handing American customer’s accounts so breakdowns in communication will never be an issue.

This is all backed-up with advanced technology and state-of-the-art sport betting software that can deliver the fastest and sharpest betting lines in the industry today. They have spared no expense to partner with the top oddsmaking services in the world and with our providers helping to manage your risk you will never miss a critical line move that can negatively impact your cash flow as well as your overall profit picture. They also offer sharp monitoring to keep your customers honest as well as the ability to set and move your own betting lines to help balance the action coming in.