Pay Per Head Caters to YOUR Individual Pay Per Head Needs

What they keep hearing from the PPH agents (i.e., bookmaking clients) is that the company they were previous with treated them like they were on an assembly line, with cookie-cutter solutions. In other words, it seemed that the PPH provider’s needs came first, not the client’s.

That is obviously not the way it is supposed to be, on any level of a service-oriented business. Our providers have emphasizes the “service” part of that equation, and because of that, they know that that it is mandatory that they look at the needs of all of its clients individually.

How could everyone’s needs possibly be the same? Not everyone has the same number of customers. Not everyone has the same level of bettors that they have to deal with. Not all of them are desirous of offering the same “products” to their customer base. Not all of them need a call center. Not all of them have poker players on board. So it is all very, very different.

That is why the staff at our providers really wants to hear from you. They want to hear what your story is; how your business is structured, and what you want to realize out of it. Then they will customize something that is designed to meet those needs.

There’s a name for that – it’s called “personalized service.” And believe us when they tell you; it is something their clients – especially those who come from another provider – thank us for.

As far as they are concerned, no thanks are necessary, because they consider this to be out standard way of doing business. How could it NOT be?

This is why they don’t just throw a price out there and apply it to everybody. They know that all of their clients have different ways that they can make their own customers happy, and they see their job as being that of a “facilitator,” in the sense that they are ready, willing and able to help you do whatever it is that needs to be done.

And unlike a lot of other companies, they bring a world of know-how to the table. You’re not going to be talking to “operators” around here who don’t know the difference between a dime line and a wide line. These are people who have had real-world experience in the sports betting business. In other worlds, they have been where you are now.