Pay Per Head’s Customer Service you can Count On

Pay Per Head’s Customer Service you can Count On, The best customer service team in the world is of no use to anyone if someone cannot access it when they actually need their help. This is especially true in the sports betting world of Pay Per Head services.

The recent explosion in the popularity of betting on sports online has given rise to a number of PPH services that handle the daily administrative tasks of an independent sports bookmaker. This has also paved the way for some less reputable operations that make a steady habit of over-promising and under-delivering especially when it comes to their call centers and customer service teams.

Our providers jave been able to position themselves as an industry leader by providing solid PPH business solutions for close to 15 years. At the cornerstone of their operation has been a world class call center that is only staffed with price per head sports betting industry experts. They pride themselves for diversity, but they also cater heavily to an American customer base to eliminate any communication issues that may arise from time to time.

They also ensure that you and your customers will always have instant access to the call center through a variety of communication options. While they still offer a toll-free phone number that is properly staffed every single day of the year, the recent advances in computer technology have also paved the way for a number of different mobile options to manage your account. You can always contact us by email or text and they also have an online chat option for quicker back-and-forth communication.

One of their most popular advances over the past few years has been the development of a secure one-and-one messenger service to communicate your questions or needs. The bottom line with our great service providers is that you or your customers will never have to deal with the frustration of downtime when it comes to dealing with the call center.

One of your biggest points of difference as an independent sports bookmaker is the high level of customer service that you can provide as opposed to the big faceless online sportsbooks that you are constantly competing against. They value their sport bookmaking agents as true partners with your continued success being directly tied into theirs. At the heart of it all is a customer service team that fully understands and buys into this concept. This is our providers continued pledge to you as a true leader in the PPH service industry