Pay Per Head Service Providers

Our PPH service providers , At this point, all sharp people who are in the business of accepting sports wagers “privately” are aware that the model of “pay per head” (or PPH) has arrived as the smartest way to go. Those who haven’t made the move yet, or who have done so but may not be happy with their current service, need to check out what our providers have to offer, because they have genuinely put together a package for sportsbook, racebook and casino wagering, either online (through a website built especially for you) or through mobile devices, that is virtually impossible to beat.

What sets our service providers apart from other Pay Per Head Sportsbook Solution operations is that they take a personalized approach to each and every customer. They have been in their clients’ shoes, so they know exactly what they need, and they know what works and what doesn’t. They are also in a position where they can tailor a program for each customer (agent), because they understand that everyone is different.

Best Online Sportsbook Management Software

Another thing they can guarantee all incoming agents is that they will never have to worry about being a victim of miscommunication because their players couldn’t understand a representative in the call center. Anyone who takes a phone call in relation to sports betting activity is not only a native English speaker, but also someone very familiar with the sports wagering industry and culture, so there is nothing lost in the quality of bookmaker management service when switching over to the pay per head model.

In fact, there are nothing but advantages, because with our providers , the agent can streamline and automate much of his business, with complete control over how to deal with each customer, even to the point where different limits, wagering options and products can be offered to different customers. The comprehensive back end allows anyone using it have full management of an entire operation efficiently at their fingertips. And you can forget about “down time.” It doesn’t happen.

But there’s more for local bookies to manage their gambling business online

Agents also have the opportunity to change their lines according to THEIR level and nature of action, and can make some or all of the extensive menu of events available, with the sharpest real-time odds on the planet. Live in-game betting allows the player to wager on hundreds of events as they are in progress, and there is a live casino (with blackjack, baccarat and roulette) that is accessible as well. What they have done, with its sportsbook and gaming software, is make more revenue streams available to the bookmaker / agent than ever before, The sky is the limit as far as profits are concerned, so seize the opportunity now and contact this providers for a free trial of their software package, and find out how you can get a customized website and call center to make you look as big as the world’s top online sportsbooks!