Pay Per Head Safeguards Your Customer’s Information

Our PPH service providers Safeguards Your Customer’s Information, Betting on sports has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry with the growth of the big online sportsbooks that operate offshore, but it has also created a tremendous business opportunity for an independent sports bookmaker to carve-out a healthy piece of the action.

The impersonal feel of being just another account number with a big online book can be replaced with the much more personal service an independent sports bookmaking agent can provide. This all starts with the agent’s choice of which Pay Per Head service they decide to use to handle the administrative side of the business.

This is where our great providers have you completely covered. They have spared no expense at installing and operating a state-of-the-art sports betting software package that mirrors the best of anything out there today. For close to 15 years they have developed into a leader in the online sports betting industry as the clear best PPH service of choice.

One of the main reasons They have risen to the top when it comes to providing PPH solutions is a commitment to provide sports betting software that is not only customizable for the agent and easy to use for your sports betting customers, but safe and reliable as well.

Their operating system is designed with dozens of security measures that are put in place to ensure that every online transaction between their world class call center and your betting customers is conducted in an online environment that completely safeguards their vital information in both an instant and anonymous fashion. That is theirs top pledge to you and one of the main reasons why they have been so successful in a highly competitive industry.

Our providers PPH business solutions are designed to virtually eliminate downtime and it is encrypted with full system database redundancy. What this means for you as a bookmaking agent is the peace of mind of knowing that your business information is always safe and secure.

The concept can also be used as a highly effective marketing tool to attract new bettors to the service you provide. Their operating system is also designed to completely safeguard your customer’s online activity as well as any sensitive information that may be a part of the day-to-day transactions involving their particular account. The same security measures that are keeping your business information secure and anonymous are also in place to completely protect your customer’s online activity as well. Top