Pay Per Heads Continues to Lead the Way

The ever-growing popularity of betting on sports has opened the door to opportunity for a number of independent sports bookmakers as well as their prime support service; Pay Per Head. A PPH service handles most of the administrative end of the business by processing the numerous day-to-day transactions that are a part of the sports bookmaking process.

The one down-side to this growth is an explosion in the number of PPH services that have recently popped-up on the internet over the past years. Many of these companies are not equipped to properly handle the volume of action sports bettors can generate at times and their operating systems are not up to speed with even the minimum industry standards.

This is one of the main reasons why our trusted providers have gained the reputation for the best PPH service in the sports betting industry today. First of all, they are time-tested with close to 15 years’ experience in this game. You do not stick around that long in such a competitive business environment without doing a number of things exceptionally well.

They have invested a great deal of both time and financial resources to keeping their bookmaking agents well ahead of the curve when it comes to sports betting technology and software. Their state-of-the-art operating system is second to none with a high level of both sophistication and database redundancy. While their software is fully customizable and easy to use, it is also built with dozens of security measures that ensure that every online transaction is conducted in the safest and most secure manner possible.

Another thing that sets our providers well ahead of the competition is a world class call center that is staffed with industry experts that have all walked a mile in your shoes as a sports bookmaker. They know exactly what you need to be successful and they remain available to service both your needs as an agent as well as the needs of your customers on a round-the-clock basis. They specialize in dealing with American customers so you will never have to worry about potential gaps in communication when it comes to handling their accounts.

When you combine an operating system that completely levels the playing field against the big online sportbooks with the best trained customer service representatives in the PPH industry, it is easy to see why they are the best business solution choice for all your company’s needs.