Prop Bet Limits

Prop Bet Limits, Prop bets and futures odds can be a very lucrative profit center for an independent sports bookmaker, especially as these types of wager continue to grow in popularity with the betting public. Over the past several years, Oddmakers have expanded this area of sports betting to the point where there is almost no limit to the betting possibilities that props and futures bring to the table on a weekly if not daily basis.

Learn About The Pay Per Head and Prop Bet Limits

While props and futures can definitely develop additional streams of revenue for your bookmaking business, they must also be carefully managed to limit any potential negative exposure they may create. When it comes to these types of bets, you need to have the capability of monitoring the action coming in so your bottom line does not get beaten up by any sharp action betting these props.

This is where our great PPH service providers really earns the low weekly per head fee they charge for your active customers. their advanced sports betting software can not only bring you the fastest and sharpest betting lines in the Pay Per Head industry today, they also provide all the necessary tools to monitor and control the action coming in.

As one of their bookmaking agents, you will not only have your own custom website that is built and maintained to meet all of your business needs, you will also have instant access on a round-the-clock basis to any number of business reports that can keep you dialed-in to what is going on with your entire customer base.

At no extra charge other than the weekly per head fee, you will be able to create individual account profiles that allows you to set credit and betting limits as well as continually stay ahead of the action coming in.

their sports betting software also gives you the flexibility to set and change betting lines for anything you offer, which is especially helpful when it comes to prop bets and futures odds. Situations can change at a moment’s notice and you need the ability to stay way out in front of the action coming as opposed to being forced into reacting to a bad situation.

When you sign-on with one of our providers , you are also getting a team of industry experts that know exactly what it takes to build and grow an independent sport bookmaking business into a profitable long-term enterprise. It is this kind of experience and dependability that makes us who they are today. Top