Customers Speak For their Pay Per Head – Take a Look

At this great PPH providers they find, from talking with their customers, that there are certain things they tend to appreciate more than others when it comes to the advantages of a PPH service. In case you were on the fence about whether to make the transformation over to a Pay Per Head model, you may want to take a close look at some of these reasons why you should make the switch, in the words of our own agents:

* I like the idea that I can change the lines, according to my own level of action….that way it makes it easier for me to balance my books because I have a smaller customer base than the online sportsbooks.” – John S.

* “I don’t want my customers going somewhere else if they want to play in an online casino or bet the races. So even though I haven’t dealt those before, I can do it with this providers because they offer it all as part of the price….I also like that I don’t have to pay for a lot of extras.” – Sidney G.

* “This really takes the paper trail out of what I am doing. Nobody is going to come in and catch guys on the phone, pick up sheet of paper, track phone numbers, or anything like that. I am anonymous as far as anyone but the PPH company knows, and they are located offshore. So what I’m saying is that it takes a lot of the risk out of it.” – Tony K.

* “There are certain customers who I will trust to bet more than others. That’s probably the way it is for everyone who books sports. Wha they allows me to do is regulate a pre-determined limit that each individual customer gets to play. Also, if I don’t want someone playing international soccer, for example, I can block them out of that. There’s a big advantage to being able to do that, and change it whenever I want.” – Robert D.

* “I wanted to take my operation completely out of a little office where I had to keep ‘sitters’ around to talk to the customers. That’s exactly what the PPH model allows me to do, and now I have more time for myself, and I can go after more customers. Because I use this software, I can take on all the customers I have the bankroll to handle.” – Sal C.

* “I’m the type who will let my customers bet just about anything, as long as there is a sharp line on it. These guys use the Don Best line, which is solid and updated all the time. So I just bring the players on, decide what the limits are, and as long as I can monitor it a little, I’m just fine.” – Jason W.

* “I like the things that I couldn’t possibly offer in a physical office. For example, I could obviously never do the thing where I allow customers to do live wagering during the games. But that creates more volume for me.” – Adam L.

* “Let’s face it – these guys keep you open 24 hours a day, so I don’t have to maintain office hours. They have servers all over to handle the traffic, and they simply don’t go down, because they have backup power sources and technicians that are ready to deal with it.” – Jim B.

They could come up with a lot more customer responses, and no doubt they will. But suffice it to say that there are a load of reasons why you should be coming aboard with our great providers today!