Pay Per Head Casino

One of the really pleasurable things about operating a sports betting business through the facilities of  one of our providers  is the fact that you can offer any number of different products to your customers. Of course, there is the world-class sports book, with up-to-date odds and all kinds of options for your patrons to explore. But there is also something else, and it’s something that cannot be forgotten. You also have the option of offering a pay per head casino, which can be a quite profitable venture indeed.

About The Best Online Pay Per Head Casino

Think about what you can do with something like this. During the so-called “off hours,” when your customers don’t really have any major sports to bet on, they can REMAIN your customers. It’s always nice to be on the other side of those tables, so to speak, and with the casino gaming set up that is provided by the people at our PPH service providers , you are perfectly able to do just that. Online casino wagering is a very popular thing, and the margins are excellent. What is the most fun is that there are a lot of games you can offer for your players to get involved with. The casino software that they use is the state-of-the-art, without question, and it does not require a download where they are playing at their desktop or laptop computer. These games are also mobile-ready, so they can be enjoyed on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the variety any customer of your pay per head casino can take advantage of:

First of all, there are a load of online slot games to look at. These include everything from the “classic” three-reel slots that most resemble the famed “one-armed bandits” that have been well known in gambling lore, also, there are other kinds of slot games available, including superior five-reel games that provide for a lot of pay lines that can be enabled by the customer. This produces more ways to win, and that is the enticement that your players need to put a little more money into the machines, and yield more profits for you.

Then there are the most exciting kind of slots, which are the video slots. These have so many options that it’s not even funny. There’s a lot of animation, along with bonus games that are triggered by either bonus symbols or scatters. There are also wild symbols that are used to complete any winning combination. Depending on the game, you can get into all different kinds of situations, including exploding wilds, which make an entire reel wild. Your customers are really in for a treat when they can play these video slot games that are fast becoming the most popular part of any given casino.

When it comes to table games, you’re really going to be able to satisfy your players. That’s because this great providers brings so much in the way of choice with their “pay per head casino” action. For example, they’ll be able to play up to a dozen different variations of the game of blackjack. This encompasses all different kinds of rules, and offers, of course, different ways to win. This is so essential, when it comes to drawing customers and keeping them there, working on their account, so that they can bring you more and more business. Naturally, a lot of the other popular casino games are covered in the set up, including lively online craps, two different versions of roulette – American and European – and other creative games, such as Pai Gow poker, three-card poker and much more.

And for some people, the most exciting game of all is video poker, which is not played against other players but instead against the house, where the customer essentially simulates a five-card draw situation. They will have to both keep and discard in the right manner in order to hit jackpots, and this is a nice high-volume game for the house.

All of the games have high-quality graphics and are very user-friendly. They are easy to download and they are especially easy to play on a mobile device. There is no question that with all of these games on the menu, your customers are going to be very pleased, and they are not going to think about going anywhere else for their credit-based casino gaming action. Once again, you have to remember that when you set up your business through our PPH service providers , you are completely in control, so you can actually choose which customers to offer these casino games to, and also pre-determine the limits they will be governed by. Check out the Pay Per Head Racebook section.

And speaking of limits, there is no limit to the satisfaction that can come when they experience the live dealer casino, which is something that can be especially “sticky” in the respect that your customers will unquestionably “stick” with you in this addictive platform. Players who are logged in have the opportunity to play against dealers in a casino that is land-based in a remote location, and do it right through their computer screen. This all happens in real time, and it comes to high definition video feed. Everything is synchronized so that the results come immediately. In other words, you can be sitting in your bathrobe but still playing in the same environment than anyone would be in a Las Vegas casino. There are high limits here, and high minimums, so the possibilities of profit are endless.

There is no question about the fact that a pay per head casino is something that offers you, as the agent, a tremendous opportunity to supplement anything that you are bringing in with your sports betting business. It is without a doubt something that is worth considering, and if you want to offer it, this providers can point you in the direction toward getting the most of it.