NBA Between the Chalk – Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers

NBA – Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers: Preview and Prediction 3:30 PM ET, March 15, 2015STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA A potential first round NBA playoff match-up preview takes place today as the Houston Rockets (43-22, 37-28-0 ATS) play the Los Angeles Clippers (42-24, 29-37-0 ATS) at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. This match-up

Customers Speak For their Pay Per Head – Take a Look

At this great PPH providers they find, from talking with their customers, that there are certain things they tend to appreciate more than others when it comes to the advantages of a PPH service. In case you were on the fence about whether to make the transformation over to a Pay Per Head model, you

Pay Per Head Racebook

You are going to have certain customers who not only get a thrill out of wagering on sports, but who also gravitate toward the ponies as well. And let’s face it – there are very few things as exciting as having a lot riding on an event that begins and ends with in about two

This Pay Per Head providers will Boosts Your Bottom Line

Any business venture starts out with the goal of making money, but unless you have the right resources and the right support this goal may be easier said than done. This is especially true when it comes to running a successful independent sports bookmaking business. Without the right Pay Per Head service handling the day-to-day administrative end

Pay Per Head Caters to YOUR Individual Pay Per Head Needs

What they keep hearing from the PPH agents (i.e., bookmaking clients) is that the company they were previous with treated them like they were on an assembly line, with cookie-cutter solutions. In other words, it seemed that the PPH provider’s needs came first, not the client’s. That is obviously not the way it is supposed