Maximizing the NBA and NHL Playoffs with Pay Per Head

The NBA and NHL playoffs are coming up in the sports calendar. Smart bookies will take advantage of these events and maximize profits until they are completed. A strong pay per head software service can help you do exactly that.

Key Points

– Bookies should take advantage of the NBA and NHL playoffs.

– More casual bettors will place bets on playoff games than regular season games.

NBA and NHL Playoffs Benefit from PPH

As the month of May rolls around on the calendar, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) are both getting ready to start their postseasons.

That means it is time for you, the private bookie, to start formulating a marketing plan to take advantage of the increased betting action that will be taking place. More casual bettors will be drawn to these two sporting events.  Smart bookies will light up their betting boards in response.

Partnering with a top-rated pay per head bookie services website can assist you in building out your betting board. That makes it easy for you to capitalize on the full potential of both leagues’ postseasons.


Best-of-Seven Series

As part of their postseason competition, each league uses a best-of-seven format. Every series in every round has the potential to go a full seven games. With four rounds of competition, that means the teams in the finals could play a possible 28 games. 

Don’t forget, the NBA now has its play-in tournament. That adds a few more games to the schedule. The seventh-, eighth-, ninth-, and tenth-place teams all participate in the play-in tourney. 

All this means is that there are a lot of NBA and NHL postseason betting opportunities. 

The NHL Playoffs

Each of the National Hockey League’s four divisions will have the top three teams automatically in the playoffs. Then, in each conference, the next two teams with the best records are the wild cards. That makes for a total of 16 teams, eight from each conference.

The top team in each conference plays the No. 2 wild card team. The other division winner in each conference plays the No. 1 wild card. The No. 2 teams in each division play the No. 3 teams. 

The NHL playoffs then continue until a champion is crowned after the Stanley Cup finals.

Pay Per Head Equals More Betting Options

A pay per head sportsbook can generate tons of betting options for both the NBA and NHL playoffs. PPH providers use a combination of in-house and third-party oddsmakers to provide great lines and odds for private bookies. This way, they can compete with the larger sportsbooks in the industry.

When it comes to competing with a commercial sportsbook betting board, PPH sites are fully aware of how important it is to make sure that private bookies have an equal playing field. Even though you will always have full control over your betting board, you will still need to ensure that you are satisfying the requirements of each and every one of your customers who place bets.

Sportsbook software gives bookies the ability to offer a wide range of bet types, including the popular player prop bets. Betting on player points and shots on goal is becoming more and more popular among bettors.

This is especially true when the playoffs for the NBA and NHL playoffs. The NBA and NHL postseasons both have the potential to generate significantly more money wagered on individual games than those during the regular season.  

Live Betting

One of the most lucrative betting opportunities that pay per head sites bring to the table now is live betting. Bettors have the ability to wager on all sorts of in-game actions.  After a game has already begun, there is nothing more exciting than making a few strategic bets on the outcome of the game. Bettors can often make up for a bad pre-game bet through live betting.

If you use the right PPH site, this is also an excellent way to increase your daily and weekly handle on NBA and NHL games without having to increase your overall customer base. This can be accomplished by working with a PPH site. The increased handle ought to result in a larger hold. With the same customer base, that means more money for the bookie.

Market Your Sportsbook for the NBA and NHL Playoffs

If you are interested in expanding the size of your overall betting base, the postseason in any sport is a good time to do so. More casual bettors will be lined up looking to place bets on these important games. 

If you are working with a PPH provider, you can use the resources of the company to help market your sportsbook. There are a number of things you can do to entice new customers. One of the easiest is to set up incentives for new bettors. 

Bonuses and promotions will get new bettors in the door. High level customer service and personal attention to detail will keep those bettors in house. 

A powerful marketing presence for your entire bookie operation can be established by combining a first-rate online betting portal with mobile wagering capabilities and large betting board for games in the NBA and NHL playoffs.