Maximize Prop Betting Profits with Pay Per Head Services

Maximize your prop betting profits with pay per head services.

Key Points

– With the increase in popularity of prop bets, increasing prop betting profits is becoming easier.

– All bookies should be working to maximize their prop betting profits in today’s market.

Maximize Prop Betting Profits with Pay Per Head Services

Choosing the correct pay per head bookie service will make it simple for you to increase your prop betting profit.

If you are an independent private bookmaker who runs and oversees your own business, you will learn to utilize all of the betting opportunities that are accessible to you. Partnering with a reputable pay per head service will afford you the opportunity to create your betting board. It will also allow you to build a profitable betting clientele.

The best PPH services will allow you to pick and choose from a wide selection of bets, including team and player props for each sport. With so many betting opportunities available, there is no question you can increase your prop betting profits.

PPH Bookie Pay Per Head Services

For football and basketball games, the point spread will always see the most action. These are the most popular bets in both sports. Additionally, the money line is available for bets on these sports plus baseball, hockey, or soccer.

Using the right PPH service, you will also offer another popular wager – game totals. Bettors in the major sports especially love to bet on the total. 

When it comes to the full range of sports betting possibilities, betting on point spreads, totals, and moneyline odds barely scratch the surface. The rise in popularity of fantasy sports over the last decade or so has introduced a whole new brand of bettor to the industry.

More bettors now enjoy betting on props. Bettors have more information than ever about player performance and they can enjoy virtually any game just by betting on a single player prop.

At Super Bowl LVI, one prominent sportsbook actually took more action on Rams WR Cooper Kupp’s Anytime Touchdown Prop than on the game’s point spread. That could be an indication of where we are headed. For bookies that don’t want to miss the boat, they should ensure they are offering props to increase their prop betting profits. This, of course, will increase their overall profit. 


Increase Prop Betting Profits Quickly

Adding more lucrative betting choices, such as individual game props, to your general weekly sports betting handle is a great way to increase your overall grip on the extra volume. Most of your prop bets are simple YES/NO or OVER/UNDER propositions. Many of these offer a 50/50 split.

Offering prop bets with moneyline odds can be even more profitable. Take the Anytime Touchdown market as an example. The Anytime TD market for a single game might include a total of 20 to 30 choices. With the potential of big payouts on some of the more obscure players on the list, bettors are flocking to this market. Adding it to your options for all NFL games is an easy way to increase your prop betting profits quickly.

Setting Betting Odds

When the playoffs roll around in the various major sports, another easy way to add to your prop betting profits is by offering series odds. Take the MLB playoffs as an example. 

The wild card round was a best-of-three game series. The divisional playoffs were best-of-fives and the pennant series and World Series were best-of-seven games. 

Bettors have the option of choosing the result of each series. Each potential result is given betting odds in order to spread out the range of winning opportunities. The odds are stacked in the house’s advantage. Plus, these are another example of moneyline props, which can be more profitable than the YES/NO or OVER/UNDER props. 

The best way to offer a wide range of sharp betting lines on point spreads, totals, moneylines, futures, and props is to work with one of the best pay per head services in the industry. A consistent flow of daily game, team, and player props can only enhance your service and increase your bottom line.

Adding daily prop bets is a great way to increase your weekly handle and hold without necessarily expanding your active betting base. 

Increase Prop Bets

Speaking of your active betting base, there is a good chance that you are not using your current bettors to their highest potential. You can regularly increase their betting activity by giving them more options for the sports and sporting events they bet on the most. PPH services have really changed the sports betting industry by allowing bookies to increase the size of their boards.

As mentioned above, adding daily prop bets is one of the best ways to increase your weekly betting handle. Remember, no matter what your customers wager, their individual pay per head fee remains the same. The idea here is simple. Get your $100 weekly bettor to increase his wagers to $150 or more. 

Don’t forget that you can use incentives to encourage your bettors to wager on props and increase your prop betting profits. If you get each of your bettors to increase their wagers each week, your bottom line is going to grow.

With the rising popularity of prop bets, growing your prop betting profits shouldn’t be all that difficult. Make sure your PPH service allows you to offer a wide range of prop bets so you can take advantage.