Local Bookmakers Find it Easier & More Profitable Using Pay Per Head Software

Continual advances in Internet sports betting software have left some local sports bookmakers in the dark when it comes to keeping up with these rapidly changing times. It is virtually impossible to compete with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online if you do not have a Pay Per Head site handling all the day-to-day transactions that take place in a sports bookmaking business.

One you make the decision to take your private bookmaking operation online, make the right decision and join one of our great providers to set yourself up with the best price per head service providers in the online gambling business today. Owned and operated by industry professionals for the past 15 years, They have the right sportsbook software solutions to help you run and manage your own sportsbook.

1-One Price Includes Everything

Our great providers pride themselves in being the best PPH service providers for independent bookmakers and they also pride themselves in delivering the right sportsbook management solutions for the right price. You will never have to worry about any hidden fees or added costs with their service since you will only be charged one low weekly price per head fee for your active betting customers. This will allow you to closely control your costs while building more profit into your bottom line. Best of all, you will always have the ability to move your betting lines and change your offerings.

2- 24/7 American Customer Service

Some Pay Per Head services will outsource their customer service to outside call centers that are not geared towards the Internet sports betting industry. Our top tier providers in-house staff is comprised of sports bookmaking industry experts that know exactly what it takes to run a successful sportsbook as an independent agent. They also have representatives that are used to working with American-based players so you will never have to worry that the lines of communication will be blurred.

3- Sharp Monitoring Keeps You Protected All Season

One of the biggest benefits of signing on with Pay Per Head providers as your PPH service is easy access to any number of vital business reports that help you closely monitor all the daily action coming in. Their online gambling software is designed to keep you well ahead of the curve to avoid any unwanted negative exposure.

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