Increase Your Betting Handle & Hold Percentage with PPH

Increase your betting handle and hold percentage with PPH services.

Key Points

– Understanding betting handle and hold percentage is a key to bookie success.

– Using a quality PPH service is the best way to manage betting handle.

Increase Your Betting Handle & Hold Percentage with PPH

Are you a bookie looking to increase your betting handle and hold percentage? If so, consider using a pay per head (PPH) service. A bookie service can provide you with the tools and resources you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively. 

In addition, a pay per head service can help you save time and money by providing discounts on betting services and products. PPH software has changed the sports betting industry. If you’re looking to increase your betting handle and hold percentage, PPH services are the best option.

What Is Betting Handle

The total amount wagered over a predetermined period of time – such as a day, week, or month – is referred to as a bookmaker’s handle. The difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus the juice or commission is a bookmaker’s hold percentage.

Each of these is crucial to any bookie’s overall financial objectives. If your handle is too low, you won’t be able to achieve your objectives by making enough net profit. You also suffer if your hold percentage is too low.

The right pay per head bookie services provider allows bookies to get the most of their weekly per head fee while maximizing handle and hold percentage. PPH services also provide all the administrative tools to manage a prosperous betting board. 


Increase Your Betting Handle

You are probably dealing with a predetermined clientele as a private bookmaker. The easiest way to increase your weekly betting handle is to acquire more customers. Doing so will increase a bookie’s weekly pay per head fee. 

When it comes to your active betting customer list, more is not always better. You still need a base that is sizable enough to support your company’s objectives. However, having 10 clients who average $1000 in bets per week is far more profitable than having 100 clients who wager $100 per week.

The top pay per head websites today have access to the same betting options and odds as the major commercial online sportsbooks. This gives you the chance to completely level the playing field. You can easily start a great online sportsbook with help from a PPH.

It’s also an easier way to increase your betting handle. Your existing customer base wagers more when you offer more betting options.

Advantages of Pay Per Head

PPH services allow a bookie to set his own odds and lines. This can help to attract more bettors. Bookies have the opportunity to cast their betting nets wider than ever before with the ability to set their own odds and lines. 

This is extremely attractive to bettors, as they can recognize instantly whether a given line is favorable or not. Bookies are able to keep up to date with dynamically evolving betting lines. With the administrative and technical work of running the sportsbook handled by the PPH service, the bookie is free to recruit new bettors or work on getting his current bettors to wager more.

Bonuses & Promotions

You can also offer promotions and bonuses through pay per head software services. This is another way that bookies can increase their betting handle.

The PPH provider takes care of administering the bonus or promotion. The PPH service disperses the bonuses promptly and in a number of different ways. Bettors love when sportsbooks pay quickly and allow for payment via a number of different withdrawal methods.

More Data – Hold Percentage

Pay per head services offer betting solutions to ensure your betting handle is managed properly and efficiently. These services provide valuable data that can help you make wise decisions regarding your activities. 

Some of the data includes the hold percentage, which indicates how much money a sportsbook makes after subtracting betting losses on a particular event. Knowing your hold percentage helps in an effort to create profitable strategies. 

In addition, PPH services allow access to customer betting trends. Bookies can monitor relevant market movements to reduce risk while maximizing profits. Information on every single bettor is available so that bookies can make good decisions on how to make more money.

Ultimately, the data that your sportsbook software provides is invaluable. You can use it to take control of your operation, increase your betting handle, hold percentage, and ultimately earn bigger profits.

Make the Choice Today

The best way to make higher profits as a bookie is to utilize the services of a pay per head software provider. Bookies will see their betting handle and hold percentage increase without major investments in capital or staff. 

This means that betting operations will run more efficiently, with better margins and increased customer satisfaction. Investing in the best PPH bookie services is not only an easy way to grow betting activities but it also provides operators with the competitive edge needed to remain successful in today’s thriving betting environment.

If you want to take your bookie business to the next level, begin the process of looking for a quality pay per head provider. It’s a turnkey solution that allows a bookie to essentially plug and play. The best in the industry will help manage handle and hold percentage. Make the move today and watch your profits soar.