In the Pay Per Head Industry You Get What You Pay For

The tremendous growth of the sports betting industry over the past several years has led to a proliferation of Pay Per Head services that claim they can expertly handle the crucial administrative tasks that make up a big part of the day-to-day operation of your independent bookmaking business.

Before you decide to shop for a PPH service on the sole criteria of price, Our PPH service providers  would like to offer a few words of advice; you get what you pay for. There will always be cut-rate players in any industry, but what you end-up saving on the front end of the deal will usually end-up costing you far more when it comes to your company’s bottom line.

For the past 15 years, our trsuted providers have been working side-by-side with bookmaking agents to provide everything they need to be successful for a fair per head fee. All of the costs are transparent and measurable. You will always know exactly what your PPH expenses are on a weekly basis for your “active” customer base. These are no hidden fees or profit taking on customer losses.

Too many times in the PPH industry bookmaking agents get lured into a bad service that tells you one thing and then does another. You will never have to worry about any “bait and switch” tactics with them. They are more than happy to layout everything on the table as to what they can do to help build and grow your business into a long-term venture that will return a solid profit on regular basis.

It is very important as an independent sports bookmaking agent that you do not sacrifice vital options to save a few dollars on your weekly fees. The big online sportsbooks that you are constantly competing against can offer all the bells and whistles in their million dollar websites and you need a PPH service that has the same capabilities to level the playing field.

this great providers know and understands that the point of difference between your company and those big online books is personal attention to a customer’s individual account. They have gone to great lengths in both time and money to provide a sports betting software package that would rival anything the big boys can offer, while helping you create that point of difference with your own Pay per head customizable website.