Want to Know How To Bet On Horse Races?


How To Bet On Horse Races with Premier PPH Sportsbook

How To Bet on Horse Races Using Our Pay Per Head Sportsbook!

Knowing how to bet on horse races the right way makes all the difference. Usually between making money in this industry and getting left behind in the dust.

Ultimately, there is a right way to do this. It’s called a Pay Per Head sportsbook. And, it’s wheeling the high-end betting industry right into the technological horizon looming before us.

At Premier Per Head, we’re offering more than just the best pay per head software. Our product is a promise to our clients that your business is in the hands of tried and true professionals.

Ultimately our only goal is to streamline your business and foster a mutual partnership of growth and expansion. Hence, it all starts with our racehorse betting solution.Best Pay Per Head Software

First of all, before we explain, here’s a quick history lesson.

Back in the old-school days, horse racing bookies typically accepted wagers at the track.

As a result, if you didn’t show up to the race you weren’t making any money off it.

Therefore, it seems like you could hire proxies but then there’s that question of trust.

Regardless, the entire process was completed “manually”, as in physical, face-to-face exchange of bets, payments, and collections.

It was very inconvenient for gamblers, bettors, and players everywhere to place wagers.

Now, using Premier’s Pay Per Head sportsbook, those issues are immediately rendered obsolete.

What we’ve created is a single, online portal. Every one of your players can access any horse race made available by you, the bookie-in-charge.

The one-stop shop nature allows account managers to view all forms of client activity. Above all, they can shut down any account they’ve created, send private messages to clients, and so much more.

Did you know any one of these features can be accessed anywhere? At any time? Therefore, as long as you got a cell signal, you have live race betting.

Premier Per Head’s bookie management software offers users over 80 different race tracks from which to choose. Bookies with larger, more diverse clienteles will bank huge off just a single event.

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Ultimately, As one of the top bookie websites around, Premier is offering a free 4-week trial. Above all, anyone can get hands-on experience using our system and it’s the full-package too.

You’ll have every single feature available to you and your clients just as an actual paying customer would.

This includes the sportsbook, racebook, and casino book, plus access to a 24/7 fully staffed domestic call center.

Above all, becoming an online PPH bookie is now the future of betting. Consequently, don’t get left behind in the dust. Head over to our product page and sign-up for Premier Per Head today!