How PPH Software Changed the Sports Betting Industry

This is how PPH software changed the sports betting industry.

Key Points

– PPH software provides everything a bookie needs to run a successful sportsbook.

– The PPH technology has allowed more bookies and bettors to enter the market.

How PPH Software Changed the Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting is just about as old as time. The ancient Romans would bet on their chariot races. The Scottish wagered on their Highlander games. In those days of course, bets were placed in person at the event. 

Fast forward to today and anyone involved in sports betting is aware of how large and quickly this industry is expanding. Football alone attracts annual wagers of billions of dollars, not to mention all the other sporting events and entertainment options that have odds listed.

What you might not be aware of is how much of the sports betting revenue pie is controlled by private bookmakers who successfully operate and administer stand-alone sportsbooks. They are able to do so with the assistance of quality pay per head gambling sites providing the essential online sports betting solutions.

The sports betting industry has been revolutionized by the advent of this pay per head (PPH) software. Today’s private bookies have a lot in common, including a highly sophisticated operation connected to a mobile betting platform that works flawlessly with any mobile device with an internet connection.

The sports betting industry hasn’t been the same since. 

What is Pay Per Head

Businesses called pay per head providers give bookmakers the computer software they need to run their sportsbooks. For bookmakers, the program offers a complete solution.

The pay per head business in today’s market offers everything required to create and administer a sportsbook. In exchange, bookmakers pay a fee per player, or per head.

Let’s say you had 14 bettors on the player sheet. Ten of them are actively placing bets during a given week. The bookie pays a fee for those active players per week.

The sports betting industry standard is $10 per head. In the example above, the bookie would pay $100 ($10 x 10 active bettors).

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PPH Services Offered

For that per head price, bookies receive a wide range of services. The sportsbook website is where it all begins. Most bookies are not webmasters and cannot construct their own website. The PPH service provides a custom-made, fully functional website that looks great. 

The bookie software powers the website to do things such as offer the betting board. Bettors can go to the website and look at odds across numerous sports and leagues as well as markets within those sports. 

Customers can sign up for betting accounts at your sportsbook online. Since the software manages all financial transactions, they can fund their accounts as well. 

Due to the use of the most advanced security technology by pay per head (PPH) services, everything is kept safe and secure. The modern bettor does all of his betting business via a smart device, usually a smartphone. PPH services are well aware of this and take steps to provide an excellent user experience for bettors. All of that is a result of the top sportsbook software.

The Sports Betting Industry Turned Upside Down

A pay per head solution offers a bookie considerably more than the services offered through the sportsbook website. One of the primary services supplied is a customer support department that is fully manned by people that understand the betting industry. Pay per head has been and will continue to be the future of gaming solutions.

The time commitment required to perform the duties of a bookie in the past was one of its major drawbacks. Bookies had to be available almost constantly and the hours were absurd. Answering the phone and solving problems were a large portion of the job.

Now, using a pay per head service, the phone calls are forwarded to customer support employees and the problems are fixed without the bookie needing to be involved. This saves the bookmaker a ton of time and enables him to concentrate on other activities that will expand his sportsbook.

The time saved is one of the big reasons why the sports betting industry has changed. Modern bookies can put their saved time to use promoting their company. They employ social media and several other tactics to get the word out about their sportsbook. A bookmaker’s bottom line profits will increase if new customers are brought in and existing customers are persuaded to place more bets.

Choosing the Right PPH Service

These days, it’s one of the most crucial choices a bookmaker will have to make. Running a profitable sportsbook business requires finding the best sportsbook software.

It starts as any significant purchase does. Look for reputable names with experience. Find out which of those would work best for your sportsbook by doing some research. You can also read our 5 Tips for Choosing a PPH Service.

There are several things to think about, such as the available betting options, financial transactions, security, etc. Most PPH services provide a risk-free trial. Utilize these to guide your decision-making for your sportsbook.

The good news is that there is more than enough business for everyone participating in the online sports betting sector. Changes in legislation in the U.S. have allowed millions of bettors to enter the market and they keep coming. 

Dealing with a private bookie and their pay per head sportsbook appeals to today’s highly sophisticated sports bettor. The modern bettor appreciates the higher standard of customer care and individualized attention to detail that the large sportsbooks can’t match.

The sports betting industry is only going to continue to grow. The pay per head industry isn’t going anywhere. It continues to adapt to the changing times. PPH software has revolutionized the industry and will continue to stay at its forefront in the future.