Pay Per Head Grammy and Oscar award betting

Award season is here, and the top bookie software sites will be offering a wide array of wagering options on all of the major events. First up is the Grammy Awards on Sunday February 8th, featuring the years best nominees in music. One of the categories offered by top bookie sites is record of the year, led by “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Sites for local bookies currently have him at around a 1/4 favorite. A big price to say the least.

The Oscars will be held on August 22nd and are always a favorite among pay per head sports bettors. Top bookie sites have put out some early odds, and a lot of the categories have sizeable favorites. Take best lead actress for example. Julianne Moore, who starred in “Still Alice” is holding at about -2500, showing almost no value.

The real question remains for price per head bookies, should I be offering these wagering options to my customers? And if so, what kind of limits and restrictions should be made on them. The answer varies from case to case. Most local bookies will want to offer these wagering options basically for entertainment purposes only. Some others might be worried that players might have a certain angle on certain wagers, or be playing very big favorites that have almost no chance of losing. It is a fair concern, however my advice would be to offer them at smaller limits. If you have big players who consistently lose and pay then sure raise the limits for them. Top bookie software like our Great providers offers will give you the ability to customize your players limits and profiles on a per player basis. If a valuable players asks for bigger limits on these events, feel free to accomodate them. You want to keep guys like that happy, and chances are they will be betting on bad numbers as it is. For the smaller players, you never know what will generate more business. One of your guys might be sitting in a bar, and mention to a group of friends or co workers that he bet $50 on one of the Grammy Awards. Now that wager is not going to influence your bottom line much, but maybe that comment will get some other people interested in playing with you and opening their own accounts.

That is where the real value comes from.