Get Your Sportsbook Ready for Football

Are you ready for some football?

Are You Ready For Football

The 2022 Major League Baseball season might be heating up now that we have reached the month of August. However, it’s time to start thinking about another sport. Football season is almost here, and it’s time to get your sportsbook ready to go.

There is no denying that the sports betting industry just continues to grow. But you no longer simply have to place bets at those sportsbooks. Start your own pay per head site today and get ready to take advantage of the best sport in the NFL betting industry. 

Whether it be the college football season or the NFL. Bettors are going to be flocking to the sportsbooks to place bets. Set up your own pay per head site. You can be their source for betting on football this fall and make yourself some good money in the process. 

There are some things that you need to do once you sign up for a pay per head site, and the following steps will allow you to be ready for some action. 

Start Finding Some Customers

If you want to have a successful sportsbook, then you are going to need some customers to bring in some business. Now is a perfect time to start building up your customer base by showing everyone that you have the best sportsbook. 

Start advertising and promoting your sportsbook now. You won’t have to work that hard to find people that want to wager on football. The customers are out there, and it’s simply your job to make yourself attractive to them so that you can make some money. 

Future Bets Should Be Ready for Football

You can find future betting options at sportsbooks as soon as the previous football season ends. And starting in August is actually too late. As soon as you are able to get your pay per head site up and running, you are going to want to post some NFL futures betting options. 

These odds can be updated daily depending on what goes on over the next few weeks. You want to have this as an option for customers. Your pay per head site is not going to be complete until you are ready to start taking some future bets. 

Week 1, 2 Odds Need to Be Open

The future odds aren’t the only betting options that you will want to get open as soon as your pay per head site is set up. Well before the start of the NFL or college football season. You are going to want to get the odds for at least Week 1 ready for bettors. 

Just like with future odds, you can always change these as it gets closer to kickoff. Your customers are going to be ready to wager as soon as you can get the odds posted. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Week 2 odds open for betting also, especially in the following betting options.

No matter what your options are, having a pay per head call center will make you big. Having someone there 24/7 will put you a step ahead of the big commercial book.


The moneyline is not always something that is wagered on a lot in the NFL, but it can be depending on the matchup. These odds are generally the first thing that people look at, though, and your pay per head site needs to have these odds prominently displayed. 

The schedules have been set for months. Bettors won’t want to be waiting around to see the moneyline odds on your site. 


Betting against the spread is extremely popular with football bettors. This is another wager that you need to have ready to go. If your pay per head site has a solid customer base on it, then you’ll start to see the spread bets trickle in right away. 

The spread can change in either direction as the actual game gets closer. Getting those spreads up and running is a huge step in being ready for football season. 


The totals lines or the over/under is another betting option that you will want to have ready to go as soon as you get things up and running. When it comes to betting on football, the total is a popular betting option. 

Based on what you see in preseason, you will be able to go back and adjust the total lines that you set but at least have the opening lines available. 

Player Props? Be Ready for Football

Prop betting has become extremely popular, but it might be too early to start releasing player prop betting options. You could list some season-long player prop bets. But you likely won’t want to open up these markets for the early games. 

There can still be some injuries that occur during the preseason, and it can turn into a tricky situation if you release these too early. You will definitely need to offer player prop betting options at your pay per head site, but finding the right time to release those is key. 

Monitor the Preseason

Getting your sportsbook set up for the start of football season isn’t your final step. However, it’s a good starting point. Most bettors tend to wait for the regular season to start. If so, you will be behind if that is the same strategy that you employ. 

You might not see a ton of action in the preseason games. But it’s important that you follow along with the action. You might have to make some adjustments to the betting odds and lines that you have posted based on what has taken place. 

If you can find a way to attract wagers during the preseason. Then you are going to be ahead of the game even further. Once football starts, it’s not going to slow down until February.