Five Things to Look For in a Pay Per Head Site

If you were to inquire as to the five principle things you, as the bookmaker/agent, should be looking for when investigating a pay per head service, you would probably boil it down to these:

1) Strength of the Personnel – You absolutely need people with experience in the PPH business to guide you. And this is where our providers exhibits an awful lot of strength. They have put in decades doing just what you are doing right now. In other words, they have been where you have been. And it will take no time at all for you to develop a professional trust in them. When it comes down to it, bookmakers are the only people who can really help other bookmakers.

About The Five Things to Look For in a Pay Per Head Site

2) Strength of the Product – When you come aboard with our providers , you can assure yourself that you will have the sharpest lines available anywhere, so you are never going to be slower than your customers (which can be deadly). And there is a comprehensive menu of wagering items, so that no one is going to leave you to bet on something you are not carrying. The list of sports that are available stretches around the world, and there is something there to meet everyone’s tastes. Your customers will have an easy-to-use interface for your customized website, as well as the ability to reach your PPH call center by phone to place wagers.

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3) Variety – Not only will your customers be able to play in the price per head sportsbook itself, but also in a racebook and a casino, depending on what you choose to make available. As an added attraction, there is a live dealer casino and a live sports betting. Your players can also patronize you through their mobile devices, so literally they get everything they need.

4) You Are in Control – You have the ability to manage everything from your back end in your Pay Per Head Custom Websites, and customize the approach you take with all of your customers. You can offer them different sports, or different products, depending on who the customer is. Having access right from your computer serves to streamline your operation and eliminate a lot of man-hours.

5) Personalized Service – You can’t be just a number when you are dealing with a pay per head company. all of our providers pledges to be there when you need Them . They are personally interested in your success, as any responsible PPH organization would be. They are committed to grow with you, and that commitment extends to their infrastructure, so that you are always up and running.