How to choose the best PPH Service out of hundreds

Its 2015, and that’s probably the same amount of choices you have when it comes to bookie software as well. What started as a select few shops, has exploded into hundreds of offices, and thousands of Local bookies.   Pay Per Head agents now have a lot of options as far as a PPH service, and with those options become a lot of things to consider.

Learn How to choose the best PPH Service out of hundreds

In choosing a price per head site, the first thing to consider is your needs. This starts with how many players you have, what type of players you have and what are your needs. If you’re a pay per head agent who’s just getting started, you might be inclined to think that a simple, cheap service might suit your needs just fine. Be careful though, because you will be getting the bare minimum with little to no support or advice from your site. If you’re package is bigger, you will need a site with top bookie software and service for sure.  You need to consider what you are looking to offer your pay per head players. You might need a site with not just bookie software, but also pay per head casino, racebook and mobile applications. You might also want to offer your players Live and mobile casino like all of our great PPH service providers.that are also consider to be The best bookie software providers today. and also they will give you the option to create custom profiles and limits for your players. As a price per head client this is important to limit your exposure and increase your profit.

You can check the list of top pay per head providers at Realbookies and  Ibtimes

Those points are just the basics though. After taking in those factors, clients looking for the best sites for bookies need to focus on customer service. If you ask any pay per head agent, they will tell you the hallmark of a top bookie software site is customer service and staff. When you need something done for your package, or when your player needs to place a wager, you need an office that is fully equipped to handle your every need and puts the time and effort needed into making your business grow and be profitable.

Try our providers and get a week or 2 free trial, to test the software and service. This is important in order to see what you are getting into. You do not want to have your players on a site and then have to switch to another one. This is costly, time consuming and gives your players a bad impression. You want to give your players the appearance of a steady reliable site they can count on.

The choices are out there, good hunting!