How long have they been in business?

All of our providers have been offshore for 14 years, however we have over 100 years of combined bookmaking experience.

Where are they located?

Their offices as well as the servers are located in Costa Rica.

What is the minimum number of players needed to start?

There is no minimum amount of players

How much do I need to deposit to start?

There is no minimum deposit to start or at any time.

What software platform do they offer?

The sports software platform is DGS. And the casino software is Amigotech.

Do the providers have Live in-game wagering?

Yes, They have a large offering of in-game wagering across all sports and leagues.

Do they offer a mobile platform?

They have a custom mobile application for both sports and casino that is easily accessible and user friendly.

How much can I customize the limits and settings for my players?

You have full control of what limits and settings you want on a player by player basis.

Do they offer a casino?

Yes, they offer a virtual casino, both on a desktop as well as a mobile application.

Do They have Live casino?

Yes they do, and They dont take a percentage of your earnings.