Extensive Pay Per Head live betting offering

Live betting is here to stay. It is a must have for your pay per head solution. And our trusted PPH service providers give you live betting for every single game, every day. No other bookie software provider comes close.

As an agent, you want to be able to offer the best product, and the most of it, that you possibly can to your clientele in order for you to be competitive in the marketplace. And if you can add a whole new dimension to the sports betting experience, that would give you a leg up on the competition, for certain. They allow you to do this, with one of the most exciting innovations ever to come to the industry. It is called “live betting,” and through their software, They make it available to you, so that you can pass it on to those customers who want some fast and furious action.

You know your customers better than They do, but They are willing to wager – pardon the pun – that they would rather not stop wagering when the game begins. Well, when they have “live betting” at their disposal, they can keep wagering, after any event starts, and consistently throughout the activity, with odds that are ever-changing, according to the flow of what is taking place.

It is quite conceivable that your customer could be in action continuously, without pause, throughout an evening. With the live betting software that is made available by our Pay Per Head providers , there is a virtual plethora of sports that are covered, including (according to what is in season) baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and tennis, along with other sports that will be added. All the events in these sports are listed in a convenient menu on the left-hand side, and the customer chooses which events he or she wants to wager on. They will find a number of options, including dynamic odds on the side, total and any number of different propositions. These all change in real time, so they have to be quick, but at the same time it is extremely thrilling.

And for you, as the agent, this means lots of additional revenue, as you have clients who are in action all the time. The interface is user-friendly, and because it offers everything at a glance, in addition to the superior server speed, players can get their bets off in a hurry. They can also jump from one event to another seamlessly.

This is potentially the most profitable thing you can do in your sports betting operation, and it is just another way that our providers give you the jump on all the others through its implementation of the latest advances in online bookie software.

If you want to see a demo of live betting in action, simply let them know. You will be astounded,