Enhance Customer Service With a Pay Per Head Call Center

Better serve your players with a pay per head call center.

Both Bettors & Bookies Need More

Advances in technology along with sophisticated software solutions have dramatically changed the way sports fans bet on the games these days. A good majority of the sports bets placed are through mobile betting platforms. These are geared towards handheld devices with internet access.

Nonetheless, bookmaking is still a people-oriented business.

The main reason why today’s avid bettors turn to private bookies is the added level of customer service. They love the personal attention to detail that they can provide. The big commercial online sportsbooks can never match this.

Customers Service With a Pay Per Head Call Center

Are you looking for a great way to enhance your level of customer service? You can provide, as a private bookmaker, a pay per head bookie services site that offers its own in-house customer service team.

This acts as an added level of business support. For both you as the bookie agent and for the entire customer base you represent.

The top-rated pay per head sites in today’s marketplace have made the necessary investment into both the products and services offered.

This starts with an internal operating system. These systems are designed to keep your bookie business continually online. All while processing every transaction in a safe and secure manner.


Comprehensive Sportsbook Software Solutions

The product end consists of comprehensive software solutions that are complex by design but turnkey in their application.

Everything that you need to run and manage a successful bookie business online is included. Your base plan that charges a weekly fee for your active sports bettors. The pay per head business model is built around the concept of only paying for what you use.

The best bookie services in the sports betting industry take things one step further with the overall level of business support they provide. This consists of dedicated account managers that can address your particular needs. 

There are IT technicians in place to help create a professional online presence for your bookie business. This presence can help separate your bookie services from the competition. 

In-house sports betting experts team up with external oddsmaking services to produce a wide variety of daily and weekly betting options for a number of different sports and sporting events.

Industry Experts Employ Pay Per Head Call Center

Finally, an experienced and knowledgeable in-house customer service team is in place to bring everything together. There are a number of ways to create two-way communication through email, text and online chat.

However, sometimes the best way to facilitate the lines of communication is by talking to someone on the phone.

These highly trained and professional customer service reps come from a background in the online sports betting industry. They already know exactly what it takes to run and manage a private bookie business. They also have a thorough understanding of all forms of online gambling software solutions.

There are no extra fees or added charges for this high level of internal business support. Everything is included in your weekly per head plan.

Your ability to offer a professional call center to your betting customers is an excellent way to enhance your overall bookie services. While you remain the center point of contact for your betting base. They can reach out to your pay per head call center with any specific questions concerning their online betting account. 

Without the added cost of hiring a customer support team, you reap the benefits of offering one.