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5 Tips for Choosing a PPH Service

These 5 tips for choosing a PPH service are vital to a bookie’s career. Key Points – Choosing a pay per head service is an important decision for bookies. – Following a few simple steps can help any bookie choose the right PPH service. Tips for Choosing a PPH The modern bookie will make one

Pay Per Head Bookie Reports Will Make You Money

Bookie reports from a quality pay per head service will make you money. Key Points – Bookies can use pay per head reports to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their sportsbook. – Pay per head reports are full of information that can help bookies solve problems. What are Pay Per Head Bookie Reports Pay

The Future of Gaming Solutions

The future of gaming solutions is here. And you can thank the pay per head industry. Key Points – The future of gaming solutions is in the hands of the pay per head industry. – Pay per head services offer bookies and bettors complete gaming solutions. The Future of Gaming Solutions The sports betting world

Get Your Sportsbook Ready for Football

Are you ready for some football? Are You Ready For Football The 2022 Major League Baseball season might be heating up now that we have reached the month of August. However, it’s time to start thinking about another sport. Football season is almost here, and it’s time to get your sportsbook ready to go. There

Enhance Customer Service With a Pay Per Head Call Center

Better serve your players with a pay per head call center. Both Bettors & Bookies Need More Advances in technology along with sophisticated software solutions have dramatically changed the way sports fans bet on the games these days. A good majority of the sports bets placed are through mobile betting platforms. These are geared towards

Changing Pay Per Head Providers For Football Season

Changing pay per head providers can change your life! Bookies need to make the move now, before football season. Changing Pay Per Head Providers There is less than a month left before the new football season gets underway. However, it is still not too late to change pay per head bookie services providers. Private bookies

Does Your PPH Provider Support Your Bookie Business Efforts?

We’re here to help support your bookie business. Support Your Bookie Business Being in business by yourself as a private sports bookmaker can get lonely at times. Unless you work with a group of bookies. The task of running and managing that business falls squarely on your shoulders. One way to ease the burden of

Key Attributes of Quality PPH Software Solutions

Quality PPH software solutions need to have some key attributes. We’ll talk about four of them. Key Attributes of Quality PPH Software Solutions Once you make the decision to start your own private sports bookie business. The next equally important step of the process is aligning that business with the proper pay per head bookie

Strong Tradition of Excellence With RDG Corp Gambling Services

RDG Corp gambling services have been providing high-quality sportsbook software for decades. Pioneers in the Gaming Industry RDG Corp first made a name for itself in the online gambling services industry almost three decades ago. Founded in 1996, the company has basically grown up with gaming online going back to the early days of the

Improving Your Bookie Skills with Pay Per Head

Improving your bookie skills is easy, Especially when you’re using the right pay per head shop. Owning a Successful Bookmaking Business Running and managing a successful bookie business still takes hard work and dedication to your craft. However, with the right pay per head bookie solutions provider by your side, you can make the most